Springtime Florals

Now that Spring has finally sprung its time to enhance the home with some floral pieces that will be sure to give your home a pop.

I believe floral pieces can include those green stems and grass that have become a popular trend in  2016 and have carried over into 2017. The great thing about spring pieces is you can literally find them anywhere and everywhere. Also keep in mind that your spring pieces can be real or faux.

I think real floral and green pieces are great for those special occasions such as weekend guests, brunch and dinner parties. Not only do they provide something aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but they give a beautiful fragrance to the nose.

To start there’s several places in which you can get fresh flowers: your personal garden, farmers markets, florists, and local grocers.

My favorite places to shop for fresh flowers are my local grocery stores for two reasons: 1. Convenience 2. Freshness

Albertsons, Vons and Trader Joe’s keep a nice variety of flowers and they are always fresh just like there groceries. Albertsons and Vons have large floral departments with florists and they have regular sales. Trader Joe’s on the other hand doesn’t have a floral department but they do have a large variety of not just cut flowers, but potted plants as well and all for everyday low prices. Great thing about potted plants is they last longer then cut flowers and you can always spruce them up by placing them in a nice vase!

If you have a regular farmers market in your town I encourage you to look them up and give them a visit as they always have fresh and in season stems. For those of you that have a green thumb I encourage you to give gardening a try. Its therapeutic and you can enjoy the blossoms/greenery outside and inside your home.

Now I grew up loving flowers and worked in outside garden for a few years at a hardware store so I know a lot of flowers! But for those of you that don’t here is just a small (very small) breakdown of some popular stems. I would say some of the easier and sturdier flowering plants to grow below are: hydrangea, freesia, poppy and ranunculus. You can find all these at most plant nurseries and hardware store’s garden department.


So for a final touch after hand picking your amazing flowers is the vase! I can’t express enough how much charm and character a vase adds. Don’t be afraid to be bold and add color or textured vases to your arrangements especially for those simple pieces. You can have as little as two stems in a vase to a whole dozen or more!

Here are some links to places I’ve recently bought some great vases for good prices from:

Aki Home: http://aki-home.com/home-decor/home-accessories/vases-bowls.html?limit=all

Target: http://www.target.com/c/vases-home-accents-decor/-/N-5xttrZ55r55Z5zja3?type=products&lnk=vasesunder15&Nao=0&sortBy=PriceLow

Next up is everyday spring decor. These are the decor items you may find on your bookshelves, nightstands, coffee tables, etc. I suggest faux plants for these places as you never have to worry about them dying.


Now if you have ready any of my previous blogs or checked out my Instagram page then you already know my favorite spots for faux flowers: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Michael’s. (In that order lol) When I go to Michael’s I’m typically making the arrangements myself which I encourage you to do and get crafty…and don’t forget your coupon!

Below I wanted to share with you some arrangements that you can find online at TJ Maxx. Keep in mind, in store has a much LARGER variety.

They also have these green succulents in these great pre-made terrariums. The cool geometric shapes is an added bonus in my opinion. You of course yourself can also make similar terrariums with artificial succulents. I spotted all the supplies needed at my local Michael’s store if you feel like getting creative.

To find the products above visit: http://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/shop/home-faux-florals/_/N-1814641692?originalFilterState=1814641692#/store/products/home-home-home-decor-faux-florals/_/N-1814641692?Nr=AND%28OR%28product.catalogId%3Atjmaxx%29%2Cproduct.siteId%3Atjmaxx%2CisEarlyAccess%3Afalse%29&originalFilterState=1814641692&tag=ca

I hope you all found this article helpful! I love spring because its a time to refresh and refocus. This can be in your decor and in life! I’m not big on “this color scheme is in” and “this one is out” because whatever you brings your home joy is whats in! Play around with all the spring colors and textures. I’m sure that no matter how you arrange things, it will be beautiful!

Last two things before I go. A link to Lauren Conrad’s blog on the meaning of certain flowers. Super helpful when gifting flowers and just some fun fact knowledge: https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2013/03/explore-the-secret-language-of-flowers/

Finally if you live in Southern California and are slightly obsessed with flowers like me, take a visit to the following botanical gardens. They are my favorite and always check there sites for special rates! Happy Spring friends!

Descanso Garden: https://www.descansogardens.org/

Huntington Library: http://huntington.org/


*All photo credit goes to their respective photographers on pexels.com!

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