Add a pop of gold!

Long time no talk! I’m so sorry for being absent, that’s not like me. I’m currently working on a room project with a new Moroccan theme. I have been challenged to find inspiration and it has been a lot of fun looking at different textures, patterns and prints.

With those inspiring looks I went out on the hunt for some vibrant orange, red, and blue decor. And I found some awesome pieces!

So I found this awesome Moroccan inspired canvas art at Aki Home.

I decided that this piece would be my design inspiration for this redesign. Therefore many of the other decor pieces I pick will center around these colors. Now for the orange art metal piece I found it at Ross for only $20 and this cute pillow for $10 at the same store.

Now the canvas art has gold foil outlines so I decided to get creative with the orange flower soooo I chose to paint it! All I purchased for this project was gold paint from Hobby Lobby for $2. I already had the paint brush and painters tape.

For step 1 place painters tape on every petal.  Follow with step 2 and break out the paint! The more layers the more vibrant the color. I personally did 3 coats.

And for the final product….

I’m super excited to place this piece on the wall. I will brush on the lines to remove the excess paint but other then that I love final outcome. And now I’m off to find some more pieces and more projects to create. Have an amazing night everyone!

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