Plant DIY you’re sure to love!

Happy Thursday! Hope you have all had a great week so far. Mine has been a little challenging but I shall save that for a separate post. I wanted to share a quick DIY I did today took less than 30 minutes. Great to do with the kids, small home decor item and perfect for a simple thank you gift maybe to a coworker or neighbor.

As you already know I love succulents. They are sturdy, low maintenance, affordable, grow really well and of course cute! Now here is what you will need: clear cups, dirt and small succulents.

The cups and dirt I already had handy but you can easily grab both for less $10 at the store. The plants were only $2.78 each at Lowe’s and they have quite the variety.

Next steps included breaking the plants apart and settling them into the cup surrounded by soil.

Now that my plants are potted time to decorate. You can decorate the cups however you choose and I simply used supplies I already had around the house. You can paint the cups, add stickers, tie some ribbon or twine around it. Get creative and make sure you add your own personal touch.


Now for the final product…here they are! Of course I had gold paint lying around the house. lol And to make the dots I just used a sharpie. It’s a perfect simple thank you gift and perfect for a desk space, or home window ledge.

Until next time! Stay inspired and stay smiling!

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