Candles, Shelves & Home Office Inspo!

Hey everyone!

Man life has been tough lately. I find that when life starts to go a little too smoothly that bumps are bound to pop up. My life is no stranger to challenges and some days are easier than others, however I suppose either way we must carry on not just for ourselves, but sometimes for others who need you most.

I won’t get to deep into my story, for I believe there’s a time and a place to share it, but I will say that you get one life. Cherish it and cherish those around you. Remember that your decisions and actions impact not only you, but those around you. Know you are worth it. Know you are amazing and don’t drown it away with temporary happiness. I will leave it at that…

So the main reason for this blog today is to share a few ideas for simple shelving décor in your home. As you all recently saw on my Instagram page I did some new shelving décor. Nothing fancy, but I was in Michaels earlier this week looking for items for a close friends bridal shower and I lucked up on some clearance finds.

FullSizeRender (1)

So the pretty vine in the back was on sale at Michael’s for 40% off in the fall section and the two cute candles were only $1.99 each in the clearance section! I couldn’t get a great up close picture of them because of the gold but the candle on the left says “Wanderlust” with forest trees and the candle on the right has a great quote from Henry David Thoreau.

dream quote

The other two pieces I got at Aki Home and Marshalls. They both are actually candle holders now that I think about it. So with that thought I wanted to encourage you all to get some candles for home décor and relaxation. Love things that have a dual purpose! They are a great source of ambient lighting and offer some great relaxing scents. Many of my favorite candles come from TJ Maxx and Bath & Body Works. They also have wood wick candles available which offer the crackle sound of real wood. Below are links to some of favorite places and new online candle finds:

If you want or can afford a extra spurlge I found DAMSELFLY and Jewelry Candles on Pintrest. Love the cute and catchy quotes/sayings!

Quote Candles | Quotes on Jewelry Candles!

If you’re looking for another DIY I found this floating shelves YouTube by Katherine Elizabeth who has quite a few awesome videos. This one she posted last year and I wanted to re-share it. I’m also really enjoying her DIY décor and simple elements for the shelves. You can find similar décor at Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Aki Home and Kohls.


As I mentioned earlier the looks were all Pintrest inspired and many of the shelving décor elements were in home offices. Here’s a few of my favorites below. Side note: follow me on Pintrest to see all of my pins!

My next project and goal is a home office, not entirely sure when it will become a possibility but its a nice thought for the future. Also maybe some of you are need of some inspiration around this. Anyways I went online to browse some desk options. I found some awesome ones on Wayfair and these are 3 favorites. Click on pictures to be directed to the site and prices.

Stasis+Writing+Desk  Grovetown+Writing+Desk  Flovilla+Writing+Desk

All different styles but like each of them because they offer a drawer space or the creative board space on the last one. Until next time friends, as quoted by Dr. Steve Maraboli…”Live courageously bold! Live in such a manner that at the end of this day, at the end of this year, at the end of this precious life, you can hold your head up high, smile, and be proud of a life well lived.”

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