Did someone say decals, wallpaper & tapestries?

Hello again! How was your three day weekend? Here in Southern California it was very very very warm. Us Californians can barely handle anything above 90 degrees and that’s pushing it. So sad honestly. lol. I actually a desert baby and grew up with Vegas heat in the summer so no complaints here! I spent much of my weekend working, but took some much needed time with friends on Sunday. Went to one of my favorite LA beaches: Manhattan Beach. Just relaxed and caught up with friends. I also spent some time thinking about what I wanted to focus on for the next blog. So of my biggest must thing in any space I occupy home or office, there must wall art. So I’ve talked about wall galleries before, but I want to talk about some other nontraditional ways to display art on the wall. This includes wall decals, removable wallpaper, and tapestries.

So one of my all time favorite things are quotes. I use quotes to motivate myself, remind students how awesome they are, and to tell people in general that they are capable of anything. With that being said vinyl wall stickers are available in quote form and sometime some other cute decor elements. I typically pick mine up from Hobby Lobby and have one in my guest room if you have gone on my Instagram.


My favorite vinyl wall quotes are from Teresa Collins. Find your preference here with this link to Hobby Lobby. In store has a very large selection: http://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Mirrors-Wall-Decor/Vinyl-Wall-Decals/c/3-109-1051

So as usual I went to Pintrest to find some extra inspiration and found this decal I fell in love with!! Super simple and semi modern and I’m tempted to purchase it! Cost is $21.99-$69.99 depending on size. Click picture below to be directed to Wall Stickers 4 You for details.


Now I live in an apartment so the next idea is perfect for you renters or people who want to try something new but not be bound to it. Do you know what it is? Well its peel and stick wallpaper. Nothing like the old school wallpaper that had to be pasted and was awful to take off. I have been dying to try removable wallpaper on a small accent wall ever since I’ve seen it at target. They have really nice prints and they are affordable. My two favorites are below. Click images for more details and to see there other selections.

49164611_Alt04 15025199

Another blogger The Crazy Craft Lady did a great piece on the best temporary wallpaper and here is the link to her article: http://thecrazycraftlady.com/temporary-wallpaper-shopping-guide/

Last but not least are wall tapestries. They are quite boho chic, but I like the simplicity of them. You can literally hang them on the wall and need nothing else. They come in a variety of prints, patterns and sizes. I recently discovered Society6 website and once again loving what I see. Its a young and hip site, maybe a bit “hipster” but that have some fun pieces so check out their tapestries here.

I have been youtubing a lot lately and like adding videos to my posts so here is a great video on some creative ways to hang tapestries in your house. Video courtesy of WallPops.

Until next time friends stay beautiful…inside and out!

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