New year, new office necessities!


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to stop by and check in. I hope the new year has been good to each of you and that you haven’t given up on your goals yet! Anything worth having takes time. Stay persistent friends.

Styling and designing has been taking me some time to get back into especially with a new job. But I wanted to stop by with some cute finds I found for my new office space and wanted to share.

So if you’re anything like me you sit all day at your job. Some of you may even work at home and have a home office. My issue is sometimes I just want to stand! With my new position I don’t have the opportunity to move around as I used too because a part of my role is to be available at all times for student and university concerns.

My biggest thing with choosing a new standup desk is size. I don’t want a chunky stand up desk that takes up a lot of room, so I found a simple one alternate kind of stand up desk!


As seen in the above picture you can see the smaller white desk top table and it rises so you can stand!!! It blends in and doesn’t take up significant amount of space on your desk. If you have a desk top you can stand and place your key board on it. It’s only $199 but I think a great space saver and a great way to start the year off by not sitting on your butt all day every day! Not to mention its light weight and can be changed from room to room. Hope to place an order for this soon! Click link to see the video of the stand up desk unit in action:

Side note to this standing desk I have now started walking during the second half of my lunch. Try it instead of staying seated. It helps wake up from your “work coma”, gets the blood pumping, food digest better and overall helps the second half of your work day go by.

Secondly, my new office space does not offer a lot in the way of lighting so I have had to bring in my own lamp for temporary. The light fixture I’m hoping to buy is below which is available at Aki-Home. I love this lamp because of the adjustable/rotating lights. This allows me to position the light where I wish on my desk and is only $39.99! Site link:


There you have it… my 2 new “hopeful” office pieces. Lastly before I go of course I have to talk about office space decor. I don’t care if you have a small space or a large office I think you should always make the space your own. I decided to google and pintrest cubicle decor and let me just say there are some amazingly creative people out there!!! Here is my cubicle space below:


Mirrors sold in a 3 pack from Ross, magnetic Paris picture from Ross, quote posters from Target, lamp from Target, calendar Target and roses from Michael’s. Also remember these are all pieces I’ve previously purchased and had in the house. Always re-purpose your decor. Below are some great videos I found on updating your cubicle, and DIY office decor items. All are budget friendly cause that’s what its all about!!! Until next time friends! Enjoy and stay inspired.



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