“Galentine’s” Brunch

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute as usual 😦 So my plan was to document a ladies brunch that I hosted this past Saturday. But if you know anything about hosting you get carried away making sure everyone has everything they need. On top of that I cooked the entire breakfast.

So one reason I chose to host this brunch that I dubbed “Galentines”. This is apparently a new thing, but I believe that Valentine’s isn’t just a celebration of intimate love, but its a celebration of all love no matter the type of relationship. Not all relationships are inmate for some of them are very special bonds in friendship. That’s what I was celebrating with this brunch.

Now to start I want to say that brunch food DOES NOT have to be over complicated. My menu included: eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, biscuits, fruit and mimosas.

My favorite breakfast potatoes from Traders Joe’s. The pictures below are what I served and I mixed the potatoes together. You can find them in the freezer section at your local Traders. I want to say each bag was probably $3.99. Don’t quote me but they weren’t over 5 bucks!

For the meat portion of breakfast I made some maple sliced bacon. My tip for serving bacon….cut in half before cooking (the allusion that there’s more) and make it in the oven. My first time making it in the oven and man I will do it from here on out!!! I also made sausage, but always make chicken or turkey sausage as I know not everyone eats pork and beef. I think this is a great alternative especially for health reasons. (I treat myself to the excuse of guests are coming as to my reasoning for eating the deliciously bad for you pork bacon other than that its never in my house) My favorite breakfast sausage is chicken and apple. You can find this at most grocery retailers, but I bought mine at Trader Joe’s since I was already there.


Now my tip for eggs. Cook your eggs last at any brunch hosting. Reheated eggs are never good for texture purposes. Depending how many eggs you are cooking I also split cooking them as I don’t like to cook large portion of eggs (more than a dozen at once) Another breakfast fav that I can indulge cause there’s guest are….biscuits…specifically the flaky buttery ones…I can taste them now!!!


To lighten the pallet I cut up fresh fruit, and had some chocolate kisses to go along with the mimosa. Nothing fancy with the mimosas just orange juice (pulp free) and champagne…lots of it. lol Now I live in an apartment and have a small kitchen. So what I do is place a 5lb bag of ice in the sink and have all of the bottles in there. That way nobody has to worry about going in and out of the fridge.


So no this not my sink but for visual purposes you get the idea. Pictures belong to their rightful owners, I just failed to take a picture during my brunch.

So I didn’t do anything fancy as far as decor because…well…you have to clean it up! lol I did make a bar focal decoration spot though that you will see in the end picture. The themed decorations I did buy however were all purchased from the Dollar Tree. Don’t knock the Dollar Tree I tell you they have so much! Just remember those dollars add up so be strategic. I know my last blog I shared some great youtubers who did Dollar Tree haul decor projects. Keep checking out youtube. Lots of good stuff. I still have to get brave and give it a try.

Last but not least we played a game called Dirty Minds which is absolutely perfect for a girls night. Click picture below to be directed to Targets website. It’s a load of fun!

17233582There’s not much I would change about this brunch besides making it annual thing. It only took me about 2 weeks to put this brunch together because of the simplicity of it. I didn’t use any fancy serving trays for this, I used the large dishes I already had and used paper and plastic wear for easy clean up. I had music playing the entire time as I never like to hear silence at any gathering and if anything goes awry there is always the music. I do have conversation starters and go around to speak with all of my guests. Remember introducing people is key so no one feels left out. I’m big on making sure the guest list is cohesive…meaning is everyone going to get along and have things in common. From me and my gals Happy Valentine’s Day!


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