DIY “Sea Urchin” Wall Decor


I hope your weekend was well. I enjoyed a visit from my niece and a dinner with a small group friends. Laughter is good for the soul and I can honestly say I laughed…and I laughed a lot. Its funny how friendship works as I get older I slowly start to realize what my mom has always said, “You can count your realist friends on one hand.” I was in denial for quite some time, but I think I’m starting to get her point. It really is the quality over the quantity and that is something I will take any day. While I’m not down to one hand mom, I will say that my friends reflect everything I aim to be. My friends help me grow, reflect and continue to challenge myself. Are your friends doing that? If not you might want to ask yourself what are they doing for you? Have friendships that give and take, don’t be the one that gives until there’s nothing to take. Just some food for thought.

So last week I felt like doing another quick DIY. Got some inspiration from a friend after she showed me some of her new living room pieces. I have been long wanting to make these decor pieces but never found the time until recently.


I wanted to make these to accompany my recent DIY canvas piece.


I would say the most difficult part of this project was getting the spray paint to stay since the tooth picks are so thin.

Supplies needed:

Foam balls (Dollar Tree: $1 for bag)

Long toothpicks (Vons Grocery Store: $3.99)

Spray paint (Hobby Lobby: $6.99)

$12 project and I made 6 pieces!


I bought the champagne color as that is what I used to make my geometric canvas art.


And ta-day! All done. I will take some more professional images of it when I get a chance, but I wanted to show a cost effective way to get the gold “sea urchin” wall decor look.

If you aren’t up for a DIY you can purchase these at most retailers, however they will cost you more than this project. You can find these pieces at Target, Wayfair, Hobby Lobby and more.

Until next time!!


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