DIY Eucalyptus wreath

Afternoon friends! I hope your Sunday is relaxing. I was out walking my dog this morning and spotted a down Eucalyptus branch. I decided to make a wreath since my door has been bare since Christmas. I know that’s awful. Wreaths can get expensive so I hadn’t made a commitment to one yet.

Anyways all you need are the 3 supplies below.

Now with those simple tools you will make to get creative and maneuver the branches. Some branches will corporate and others will not. So pack a little patience. I start with a larger branch that I can connect from one end to another making a circle.

From there I being to fill in the other side of the wreath with more branches. I do this with twine and fill in where I see necessary. You wreath can be full or if you want it more bare you can thin out the branches.

There is the result!

Now I made a medium sized door wreath but also made some small ones since I had excess branches. If you want to make a large full one you will need quite a few branches.

If you don’t have Eucalyptus trees where you live and want a real dried wreath like this one, I suggest going to places like Trader’s Joes where they sell live stems.

Feel free to embellish your wreath too. I added some flowers I had lying about the house for a touch of spring. And that’s it for today’s quick DIY!

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