Cheers to the Weekend!!

Hey friends! I’m stopping by to talk a little bit about party hosting. Specifically your bar and drink set up. This time of year is so amazing cause its starting to warm up, the sun is out later and the summer approach is just exciting.

When thinking of your drink set up it is important to consider everyone that includes your non alcoholic drinkers. I think its nice to have some type nonalcoholic drink that’s refreshing and tasty.

I always like to go with a lemonade of some sorts. Some favorite recipes I have found on Pinterest are linked below:

Strawberry Peach Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade

Once you pick your refreshing non alcohol drink grab a cute pitcher to serve it in. You should also have extra in the fridge for the pitch is empty. Keep in mind to not get a overly large pitcher as they are heavy and can create a potential mess when pouring. You can easily find cute and affordable pitchers at most retailers.

Water is an unspoken thing that should always be available for guest but dress it up and have some sparkling water available for your friends and family. I promise they will appreciate and sometimes we just need a little bubbles in our life…the bubbles that don’t create a hangover. lol

Now of course the alcoholic beverages are available, wine, beer, whisky, and possibly a mixed a cocktail. Also always have a white and red wine available don’t just do one, cause there will always be that one person.

But remember only you know what your audiences drink of choice is, but do you know the glasses they should be served in? Now I know you may not have all these glasses available but you can compensate or get close to.

Now I say work with what you have first, and then visit the Dollar Tree, 99cent store or Ikea. Ikea literally has every glass. The trick is do you have one locally?

My set up is below.

My blue glasses are from Dollar Tree, wine glasses from Ross, beer glasses Ikea and Pitcher Homegoods. Let me know where you do you glass and dish shopping!

Another major part to the bar set up is snacks. Quick finger snacks like pretzels, cheese/ crackers, cookies, popcorn, etc.

Hopefully this inspired you for your next social gathering of friends at your house! Let me know if you have any tricks or things you abide by for hosting! Happy weekend!!!

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