Who said apartment living can’t be comfortable and cute?

For those of us who don’t have the opportunity to quite own a home yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t some of the nice luxurious, clean lines, and bold details.

For me after Christmas offers the perfect time to do some “pre-spring” cleaning and time to de-clutter. I encourage you all to find the time to do it and I think you may even feel a sense peace in your life.

One thing I always enjoy changing seasonally is my kitchen table.

As I have stated earlier I love a good bargain so this table cost lessĀ  than $15.


Here’s the breakdown:

Vase: Free (Christmas gift)

Flowers/Foliage: $6 (Dollar Tree)

Place-mats: $8 (Ross)

I most recently updated my living room space and besides the furniture changes I decided to add some simple personal touches as well. I went for a cleaner look as in most apartments you have a smaller living space and the cleaner the lines the more open and less crowded it feels.

The two large frames weren’t a new addition to my home but rather a new addition to the living room. I originally bought them from Ikea. The best part about the frames is that I can take the back off and change the pictures. I truly believe that if you want a quick but complete change in your home, then change your pictures!


I actually made the posters in the frames myself. I designed them on my computer and used quotes that applied to my life as inspiration and encouragement. These particular posters cost me less then $20 to print at FedEx Kinkos.

Those are a few tips for some chic apartment living. Remember your space should be a reflection of you. Add decor, but not too much so it feels cluttered. Until next time!

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