Fabric Paint anyone?

Hello everyone!

It has been a while and I realize I need to be more consistent with this blog thing but I have been soooo busy! I do have lots of good news that I will be sharing soon. I’m very excited about all the interior design business coming my way.

Anyways I’ve been in the midst of updating my bedroom, which has been a challenge because shared spaces are always a compromise with your significant other. Not a bad thing cause you both want to be comfortable and happy so keep that in mind always.

First step for my room was to buy a new bed, which I’m very happy with the pillow top bed purchase from Living Spaces. Thank you to the recent President Day Weekend Sale! Now for the reason of this post! I purchased a foot bench at Marshall’s almost 4 years ago and even though it didn’t exactly match with my room at the time the $11.00 price tag did! It was discounted because of a crack on one of the feet that was totally replaceable. Now that I’m redoing our room it completely doesn’t go but the function is there. I decided instead of reupholstering I would use fabric spray paint to redo the bench and below are the pictures. I have to say I’m very happy with the results of a couple of $6.99 fabric spray paint cans courtesy of Hobby Lobby.

I will have the complete room makeover in the coming weeks! Have a great day everyone!

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