Hanging shelf anyone?

So if any of you are like me you love Pintrest. I mean they have so many awesome DIY projects, cool trinkets, and amazing vacation spots to pin. I pretty sure my entire dream wedding is on there as well!!

Now with all that pinning you would think I have used most of it, but its sad to say I haven’t. So I’m making it a mission to start trying some of the wonderful things I have been pinning. First thing up was this cute hanging shelf idea I saw.

So I only needed to purchase 2 supplies for this project!! Wood and string! I encourage you all to get creative as far as wood and string, but since this on my first I picked two small wood pieces and string from Micahels. The wood was $5.99 each and the string was $3.99. Unfortunately I could not find a gold ring for hooking in the Pintrest instructions but I still love the affect.

I literally drilled 4 holes into my wood piece (1 in each corner) strung two pieces of string (1 for each side) and knotted the ends. You should be left with 2 strings to hook and in my case I knotted them together to hang.

And ta-da! All done! I made two hanging shelves to go on the sides of picture for a focal room wall I’m currently working on. I hope to share the entire wall soon. The decor pieces are courtesy of Michael’s and Homegoods. This candle is electric but scented and was only $6.99. I went with a fake candle because of the weight the shelf can hold so keep that in mind when picking wood pieces.

In the mean time here is a cool link on 15 other simple DIY projects you can do (includes the instructions for this hanging shelf too).




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