Indie Home Decor DIY

Happy Friday everyone!!! Not sure about the rest of you, but I’m looking forward to the weekend and hopefully some nice weather. As promised I have still been pintresting my life away and stumbled upon some Indie home decor room items. I like to try and experiment with different styles and I’m updating my guest room with some of these new trends.

I decided the room will have lots of green accents so I wanted to share my latest project that incorporates draping foliage. I think you can make either a dramatic or subtle statement with hanging plants, as this was my first I went with a subtle statement.

So I was inspired by the below pictures that you can find on Pintrest under the search: Indie Room Wall Decor.

Now for my project I went to 2 different places: Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

The artificial succulents I bought at Michael’s on sale 50% off of $4.99 plus a 15% of total purchase coupon. The green vines I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each and the geometric hanging vases were on sale for 40% off of original price $17.99. Once again don’t forget Hobby Lobby always has a 40% coupon going off of one full price item during checkout. *All of these coupons can be found online and saved on your phone!

And now for the finished product!!!


Simple and cute project that cost me a little over $35. Well until next time…enjoy your weekend!

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