Master room redesign!

Hello again! So I know its been a while since I told you all that I wanted to update my master bedroom and I finally finished it. I’m liking the way it turned out considering the budget I had. Not sure if I will keep it as I’m not sure it fits my complete personality but I enjoy playing around with different decor styles. This room project came out more traditional and as most of my ideas, I took inspiration from Pintrest.

I know that for some professionals we have these professions where we are organized and have these amazing talents but by the time it comes to ourselves we aren’t as detailed. I found my self being like that hairstylist whose hair doesn’t look amazing or the crazy organized school teacher at school and hot mess at home. Don’t get me wrong my home has some nice pieces but I don’t think I’ve fully completed any rooms and when I decided to do this home decor thing, I thought to myself that my home should not only be a showcase of who I am, but also the design that inspires me to do what I do. It has also given me the opportunity to play around with different colors, styles, patterns, and textures.

Here’s the before picture of my room. Don’t judge! lol



I decided to move the large picture to my kitchen, for I still love the peaceful look it brings to my home. Not to mention I  love the beach. If you’re curious where I bought this picture and  you may have already guessed it….IKEA. Now for the lamps. I actually recently bought them! The sad part is they were clearly too small for the room and bed ratio. Next, I was too lazy to take them back 😦 Still love the lamps, but they currently sit away in my closet until I find another purpose for them.) Oh…and I purchased them at Target. As for the bed linen set, I bought it at Kmart which I loved at the time and not so much now, but based on my budget I had to get creative and re purpose the comforter until later.

Now for  the after…



So there’s a lot of new additions, the biggest one for me is the headboard. I haven’t had a headboard in years! The main reason is because I always say each year I’m going to make one. It is still my mission to make one, however it will probably be in the guest room. I’m very happy with this headboard and only spent a little over $120 on it from Wal-Mart. Next are the beautiful hand carved wood pieces on the wall that I bought at Ross for $20 a piece and they are a absolute fav. It was tough though to find 3 of them as Ross typically has random pieces, so I literally went to three different Ross’ to purchase the artwork. The lamps are also courtesy of Ross which were $30 a piece and I can’t  say how much I love them. Ross has a great selection of lamps….whenever there is a pair! I do still recommend you check out their selection. Below is a more detailed picture.


Last but not least the comforter remained the same and the white end coverlet you see I purchased on group-on. I wouldn’t recommend buying any linens on group-on for its super thin, but it looks nice for aesthetics. I think the off white brightens up the room and balances the dark headboard. I believe my kitty Tiger below agrees!


As far as the color pallet, I prefer calm colors in the bedroom as its a relaxing retreat. But it should be a total reflection of your personality. I like the added yellow for a pop of color and the spring season.  And that’s it for today friends! Feel free to comment below! I’m always looking for feedback and comments on product or even suggestions!

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