Traditional Moroccan Makeover

Hey everyone! I still haven’t mastered balancing work life and the blog life. I promise to master it soon! Last time we spoke I was telling you about this upcoming room redesign I was doing for someone in the Moroccan theme spectrum of things. I love the Moroccan elements from the textures, colors, designs, and patterns. So I realized there’s several different types of Moroccan style and the first one that many think of are the rooms with lots of colors and patterns like the beautiful rooms below.


But remember there also other types of more contemporary and traditional Moroccan rooms like these.


So what I wanted to do was mix both. I wanted some color but not too much where it took away from the calm feel that a Master retreat should give. Here is a before picture of the room. It is naturally a beautiful space, all it needed was a little “pizazz”.


Here is the after picture!


This room makeover in total only cost $500 and when putting that in perspective of all the items purchased I think that’s pretty good.

Here is a up close picture of the bed.


Now if you’re wondering where I purchased the items….

  1. Curtains: Target
  2. Bedding: JC Penny’s
  3. Wall Metal Art: Ross
  4. Orchid: TJ Maxx
  5. Accessories: Ross
  6. Rug: Target
  7. Canvas Art: Aki Home

Since I failed to take a picture of the rug I placed an image from Targets website along with the link below. I placed this rug at the bottom end of the bed and it really pulled the room together.


Now for some wall pieces that I included. Another piece that I absolutely loved but it was not seen in the after picture is this Moroccan themed canvas seen below that I found at Aki Home. (I hung this piece of artwork on a opposite wall not photographed and it may look familiar as I spoke about it in my previous blog)


What I love most about this picture is not only does it fit perfectly with the theme, but it also offers neutral colors that compliment the room and aren’t overbearing. The gold foil outline simply pops in the room space.

I added the below accents pieces to the rooms dresser.


Another piece that stayed in tune with the theme were wall candle holders. Here are some similar style pieces you may want to include in your room decor. I purchased mine at Ross but you can find these pieces at almost any home store. I chose to fill my holders with colored candles.

I had a lot of fun with this room makeover and very appreciative of this client giving me the opportunity. As stated I’m new to interior design and this makeover was a great learning opportunity from all kinds of different areas. So as of now I’m on the hunt for the next big project! Also if all goes well I will be starting a design program this fall at a college. Yes I may be returning to school after two degrees…but I’m very excited at the thought and love design so I’m eager to learn more.

And I leave you all with this quote, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” -Ronald E. Osborn

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