Sometimes simple works!

Happy Monday beautiful people! I hope the Monday blues didn’t get you too down and that your weekend was amazing! I was fairly busy this weekend with freelance work. I’m starting to discover that design for me expands from home decor and goes into invitations, websites, and more. I just love enhancing things and making things look pretty. I plan to brainstorm this skill very soon and do some exploring into expanding me and my brand.

Anyways I went and did a small (very small) room decor project for a friend. I think its a simple enough room project that anyone can do and I want to give some simple tips for those of you that are on a strict budget. Also don’t feel the need to have a lot of decor, some people enjoy clean simple lines and I believe that can be just as beautiful. Never discredit a bold understatement. I wanted to stay in tune with something clean, light/airy, and beachy as this cute apartment is in a beach city.

Here are the before and after pictures.


As you can see the most important thing is this is a large wall space and its very important to make sure your picture is proportional to the wall and furniture. While the frames above are super cute, they are small to the space. Wall collages are great, just make sure you throw some larger frames in there as well. Here are some samples I found on Pintrest that you can emulate if you ever choose to do a picture collage.

What I will say is the cool part about picture collages and that you can interchange pictures easily! Also side note some of my personal favorite wall collage frames I purchase at Ikea.

For this room I didn’t do another wall collage I used a pretty scenic beach picture I found at Aki Home. Did I mention it was only $9.99?!!! If you love follow the link to purchase:

Another simply fix is this simple book shelf. Staggering the orientation of your books give some depth to your selves and offers some simple design. It also gives some room to add some figurines, picture frames, candles, and other decor items. Here are some up close pictures I found on Pintrest.

Lastly the pillows made a big difference. I love pillows and can never get enough of them!! So Aki Home recently started carrying these oversized Euro pillows in Linen fabric and a variety of colors. I suggest you check it out. You can find the link and photo below.

Aki Home Solid Linen

I also decided to peruse Kohls and found some cute pillows there from their Sonoma Home Decor brand. They have some great stuff! A little more expensive but great quality and a chic style. Go to for more!


Alright peeps until next time remember that sometimes simple works!

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