Wine Wednesday!

Did someone say Wine Wednesday? I did! I’ve come to the realization that I have never known much about wine other than I enjoy drinking it. lol So I decided maybe I should do a little “research” and share my findings. Also I want to say I’m no wine snob as I’m still on the white wine spectrum of things. I understand that as I mature in my wine taste-buds I will gravitate to the reds 😉

Ok, now my first curiosity was the selection of wine glasses. I typically buy what’s cute, but I’ve realized that there must be an order to things. I found this quick cheat sheet by a blogger in D.C. click the  for her short detailed article. Types-of-Wine-Glasses

Here’s one more link that I really enjoyed reading about why each wine glass is shaped the way they are:

Now just because there’s a order to things does not mean you can neglect the pretty aesthetics of a wine glass. A nice wine glass can set the table!

If you’re looking for some good quality wine glasses here are some great store links of where you can purchase:

And if those are out of your price range I encourage you to visit: Homegoods, Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. I have become a huge fan of stemless glasses and they have selections of both stem and stemless.

Now you can’t have a empty wine glass…so let’s fill it up! As most people know there are 2 types of wines: white and red.  Light wines tend to be lighter and reds have more “body”. This is also why they paired with such different foods. Reds also tend to have more alcohol content. There is also a different process in making red wines verses white wines, which I find interesting. For more details read: To break down the whites and reds further click the picture to be linked to there site for a “Wine Basics Beginner Guide”


Wine folly is an amazing site with lots of wine details so check it out!! Now many of us have our favorite wines, but have been pairing them completely wrong! I will admit I’m horrible at this, but I’m determined to try a few of these pairings to expand my pallet and hope you try it too.

Pairing Wine and Food Infographic Chart

I think every dinner party should be equipped with some cute accessories and Anthropologie had some absolutely adorable ones for wine. Click image below to be directed to their site.


Well that’s about it for today. I hope you enjoyed some fast facts about wine and hope you clicked on some of the links. Until next time friends check out this former Buzzfeed bloggers “Lets Whine About It” videos. Please excuse the language but its absolutely funny especially after a glass or two of wine 😉 Have a great night everyone.


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