Monday reflections…

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Lately life has taken some turns, but whose life hasn’t? I find that sometimes soon as you get ahead somethings set you two steps back. I’m always encouraging my students to not get disappointed but I think its a natural feeling unfortunately. I think that sometimes there can also be this sense of “overwhelmingness” that can consume us. I like to take that feeling and put it into things I can create. Sometimes that means redecorating the house, staging products, making invitations or templates. I truly want whatever I design to inspire people and to create a sense of happiness. Have you ever had a tough day and you see something that either inspires you or just makes you feel good inside? I have those moments and sometimes want to spread the inspiration or encouragement.

I recently started working a second job for personal reasons and have encountered people with stories that no one would think a person would have when just judging first impressions. People often ask me why are you working another job? You’re crazy! I tell them that sometimes “you gotta do what you gotta do.” I’ve met a lot of ladies at my part time job that are working for others not themselves. One lady is working for her daughter so she doesn’t have to take out student loans for college, another one is taking care of their parents, and another ones husband has lost their job! I was speaking to another person where she lost her parents to cancer less then ten years ago and now her sister in battling it. I often stop and re-evaluate my “problems” when I hear others like this. It breaks my heart when I hear others struggles that I place myself in a box that I shouldn’t complain, or feel like I have the right to say “I have a lot going on.” But then one day I was listening to a sermon where the pastor said “one cannot compare struggles or problems for they are our own.” My problems are mine and they affect me differently then others or they may affect me jut as much as the next person facing we that I would consider a much tougher circumstance.

Another thing I wish to tell you all is to not wallow. Don’t wallow in your self pity or seek pity. Seek constructive guidance and then ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING with it. Often times we talk about changing our actions or changing a circumstance, bpexels-photo-537459ut we have to stop talking about it and just do it. It is my choice if I don’t like the circumstance I’m in. Not a choice in the matter that I chose to be in a crappy situation cause sometime that just happens, but we can choose how we deal with it. So much easier said then done, but have you ever tried it? And I mean fully tried it? I want to encourage you to do so. I have found myself unhappy with some circumstances in my life and I either deal with it or I turn the other way….only for it to come back. Life is funny in that way.

Life is just one melting pot full of lessons. These lessons are opportunities to learn and grow. The more circumstances I encounter the closer I’m coming to receive clarity on what path I want to take in life. Finding new waves to my path such as production styling, merchandise marketing, and interior styling. Anyways stay inspired…stay creative…stay motivated…and stay strong. We are all amazing and that’s what was on my heart the last few days that I’ve wanted to share.

Last but not least I have found myself being a little more goal orientated lately. I’m a strong believer that if you write down the goal and you see it more regularly you are more likely to accomplish it! So I recently got a new planner at TJ Maxx (go to their stationary section and check them out!) and it goes through the academic year calendar but I wanted to share it and below are some links you can find some cute, useful and cost effective planners.

This one may cost a bit more, but I love the story and concept behind it:

Below are some phone backgrounds I created that you can click and save/download. Top 2 photo backgrounds are courtesy of Pexel contributors and bottom 2 are photos taken by yours truly 🙂 I enjoy the great outdoors and find peace being in it.

Until next time! Coming mid week are some décor favs I’ve recently found online!

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