Transformation Thursday

As promised I'm back this week with another blog! I was going through my posts and realized I never showed a before and after to the guest room update I have done. Earlier in the summer I decided to clean out our guest room and update it. The most biggest difference for this update was the simple fact that I didn't need a lot of things and they were just simply taking up space so I encourage you all before any room update is to clean out all those old items you no longer need. I donate to the Goodwill probably at least a few times a year.

Here is the before.


And for the after….


So a few tricks that you may not even notice.

I saved money on the bedding because its actually a reversible comforter from Target. I will include some links before on some cute reversible comforters I found. Never is the lamp. Its the same lamp I just changed the lamp shade out. The frames as mentioned before are from Ikea and I made the hanging shelves, which you can find the instructions in a earlier blog post. What I like about these frames as you can interchange the print with photos or free quote/themed photos online. I removed the desk from the room entirely as it doesn't really get used at all.

I completely changed the theme of the room to lighten up the look and used the pop of green to give it a serene feeling.


Across the room was previously a wall collection of handmade art that was hung in a collage style. I have since replaced it with more simplistic and serene decor.


Corner decor now looks like this.

Now for some online goodies I found this week that are on sale and I wanted to share!! Found lots but I'm going to share my top 3 favorite. Click on pictures below to be linked to the websites. All items $20 and below 🙂 Happy shopping!


Favorite splurge of the week with this super cute and useful decor organizer:

Until next time!

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