Galleries & DIYs!

Hey everyone! So initially this was a Tuesday post but with technical difficulties it is now a Wednesday post.  This post is all about inspiring you to transform some of those dull or unused wall spaces into something spectacular! This blog will include ideas for wall galleries, how to get those perfect lines, and 2 quick 30 minute DIYs.

So one of my favorite stores is Target…I mean who doesn’t love Target…if you don’t I might be a little suspicious of you. lol Anyways they have some super cute wall pieces and I wanted share with you some of my favorites starting with the quote pictures below. I strive to stay inspired and to inspire others so what better way then a good quote. Click on images to be directed to

target pictarget pic2I’m a big quote lover and love everything these pieces has to say. I think there is a line that speaks to everyone on this canvas. Plus it has a little gold to “sparkle up your life.”

Target went on to do some great wall galleries such as the images below. Click the following link to see more of their pictures, videos, and ideas:

As far as hanging pictures I wanted to give you all some tips on how to get that picture hung perfectly and evenly. Don’t be like the old me and just hammer holes in the wall until it looks right. With some painters tape and leveler you can get it correct the first time. Also if you don’t have a leveler, there’s actually one on your iPhone through the compass app. I found the Thriving Home Blog had the best instructions and pictures to show “painters tape” process:

I also wanted to show you this video from another fav store, Ikea, on how to hang your gallery photos in straight line. Lovin the crisp décor look in this video so take notes!

Last but not least, I wanted to share some fun and simple wall art projects that you can do at your own leisure and add to your wall gallery. Of course I found these on Pintrest. (follow me and see what fun things I pin) I’m little obsessed with circle art décor right now and can’t wait to incorporate it in some of my design styles. Click on the pictures below for each quick 30 minute projects courtesy of “Less than Perfect Life of Bliss” and “Style Me Pretty”

hoop-wreath-finished-smcollage hoop

Both of these cute décor wreaths are totally “wall mountable/hangable” (I’m pretty sure I made at least one of those words up). What I love about quick DIYs is it gives you the perfect amount of time to be creative and expressive yet doesn’t tie up the whole day. So take a breather and try one of the crafts above and let me know how it works out!

Until next time my friends remember no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up!


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