Halloween decoration time!

Hello everyone! It’s finally Fall and the holiday season has begun! There’s only 83 days till Christmas…but whose counting? lol Anyways I did my best to hold off on some Fall decor and now I can “Fall” it up to hearts content. Since Halloween is this month I wanted to do a spotlight on focal point arrangements you can do in your home. I live in an apartment so I chose my bar top counter. Some of you may choose the mantle area or a entry way.

Check out the video I made below to see how I got my final product!


I hope to do some more fun videos like the one above. Possibly do some where I sit down and spotlight some of my favorite pieces and how you can use them for multiple purposes. I believe if a product can have a multiple purpose then its money well spent. I now want to break down the decor and tell you that I only spent….wait for it….$27!


You already know my favorite places to stay on budget are TJ Maxx, Target, Ross and the Dollar Tree so lets break it down!

Target: Halloween Banner $3

Dollar Tree: Burlap, Spider ribbon, black roses, orange glitter leaf, trick/treat sign  & small checkered pumpkin $9

Ross: Black glitter pumpkin $5

TJ Maxx: Fall floral arrangement $10 (splurge but can totally keep this through November for Thanksgiving)

Of course there are lots of other ways you can spin this decor, but I wanted to give you all a budget friendly idea. And last but not least I found some more inspiring ideas on Pintrest. I take no credit for these just sharing! Until next time friends!


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