White florals are always in!

Hey everyone! So it looks like my white flower blog wasn’t up Friday! I have a good excuse though….I was prepping for my brothers wedding that took place Saturday. I am proud to have a new sister in law or as she says a “SIL”. I also gained a niece so all good stuff. A little treat of the details from that night are below.

Other side note is I’m finishing this blog as I sit in the hospital supported a friend that is loosing their dad to liver failure. I know I have stated it before but cherish you loved ones, and remember your decisions don’t just impact you…they impact everyone around you. Live for your children don’t destroy or punish them for your choices. They are born to love you and they can’t change that. Ok well enough of my side chatter lets get to the stuff you are really here to read about.

Anyways, my friend Sara from SRG Blooming Boutique asked for a blog on white silk floral arrangements. She has some awesome floral headpieces you will have to check her site out https://srgbloomingboutique.com/

I’m excited to do this blog cause I love flowers! I always have since being a little girl. Something about flower to me bring happiness. I love visiting botanical gardens and nurseries. I also realize that sometimes trying to keep cut flowers alive can prove difficult so I’m all about fake floral inside the home.

As we all know white is  very versatile color. I believe it can be a clean modern color and it can be a classic/sophisticated. I think the most important thing about artificial flowers is quality. You get what you pay for. The more you pay for stems the better quality they are. The main thing one is thinking about when it comes to fake floral is the thickness of the silk material. The thinner the more see through the flower is therefore making it less appealing and less real. I think there are times to use cheaper floral and times to use more expensive ones. There are a variety of places to get these flowers if you choose to make your own arrangement. My favorite place to get artificial flowers is Michael’s. I believe they have a much larger selection than Hobby Lobby. So yes Michael’s wins here! lol Below you can see the higher quality to the lower quality of artificial floral going clock wise starting from the top left.

Here they are all laid out below. Going from cheap ($2.99 a stem) on the left to the most expensive ($8.99 a stem) on the far right.


And just for show purposes below you can see the actual stems and the leave placements. The are details in them and that goes with the quality too. How real do you want your flowers to look?


Now I chose roses as examples for they are a popular house flower. Some of my other favorites flowers for decor are peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, and magnolia flowers. Sometimes you may opt to make your own arrangements or you may opt to buy them already made. Some of my favorite places with fake flower arrangements include Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Target and Marshalls. Sometimes you can find some at Ross but they will be low to mid quality to depending on what you need when you need now you know.

If you feel like a splurge check out Pier 1: https://www.pier1.com/artificial-floral-arrangements#nav=top

And a place I sometimes forget about Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=silk%20flower%20arrangements%20in%20vase

Maintenance tip on fake floral…always dust them. Don’t wait for the dust to build up! Dust them weekly like you would your regular house. No need to put water and spray on them if your dust them regularly with a dry white towel. If you like to swap out flowers then make sure you place them in a plastic bag before storing them. That way they don’t get dusty or discolored from sun.

Here are some examples of my favorite type of white artificial arrangements.


I made a super simple arrangement with single stems in tall bottle vases. Both items I purchased from Michael’s. The chic mirror you can find at Aki Home for $15!

FullSizeRender (4)

Can you tell which cost quality flowers I purchased from Michael’s….?

Alright everyone I shall return soon with a simple Thanksgiving table set up that anyone can create!!!! Have beautiful day everyone!

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