Thanksgiving simpleness!

Hello again! Happy Thursday! Sooooo I’m not sure if you have noticed but Thanksgiving is next Thursday!!!! Time is flying and I think it goes extra fast around the holiday season. I did a simple Thanksgiving table set up that I think many of you will appreciate. Simplistic Elements is all about those small and subtle details. For Thanksgiving there is just so much food and family over that I don’t believe the table needs to be overwhelming. You need that elbow room and you want to be able to pass food without spilling drinks.

Since I was recently able to collaborate with Aki-Home on their awesome products I created a table arrangement with there dishware. This dishware is year around and because I really liked it I wanted to share.

Watch the video below as I talk about all of the above pieces. Store and price details below video!

Plates: $2.99 Aki-Home

Wine glasses: $4.99 Aki-Home

Table cloth: $9.99 Aki-Home

Placemats: $3.99 Aki-Home

Table Runner: Big Lots on half off sale about $11

Centerpiece: Ross $9.99

Flatware: mine $0

Candles: Homegoods $6.99 each? I’ve had them in the house for a little while

My tips are to use real dishes if you have a small to medium family and all your dishes can fit in the dishwasher…if not use some nicer plastic ones that way there is less clean up. I love the mix of dimensions on this table from square to round so experiment with yours. Don’t go crazy on the centerpiece! You want to see who is in front of you and want to be comfortable without feeling overwhelmed from a crowded table top! I also have candles on my table but note they are battery operated. They are affordable and reusable without worrying about someone getting hurt or having your nice linens messed up from a accident.

My drink of choice is wine and it goes nicely with Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t feel the need to overspend on wine!!! Invite your guests to bring a bottle and try out Targets new line of California wines: Also don’t be scared to have some lighter and fresh foods on your dinner buffet line. Throw a salad in the mix!

Now I feel its only right that I share my favorite Thanksgiving dish. I love corn and a few years ago I decided to look up a new corn recipe…on Pintrest of course! And it has since been a staple at every Thanksgiving in my home. I have used this recipe by Blackberry Babe and want to re-share for all of you!

On top of the corn casserole my holiday favs are oven baked macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, ham and Hawaiian bread rolls.

Last but not least, I know so many of you are ready for the Christmas decor but time flies so fast that I like to try and enjoy each holiday as they come. So no tree until day after Thanksgiving. :/ lol

Let me know some of your holiday favorites and if you try the recipe above! Don’t forget if your are local to Southern California check out your nearest Aki-Home as they are affordable and cute. Not to mention weekly sales on home essentials, furniture and Christmas decor is up!!! Until next time peeps love you all!

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