Photography Wall Pieces

Hey everyone! I wanted to check back in with you all. This month flew by, but its also the shortest month of the year. I’m ready for March who else it? I’ve been freshening my little apartment with some new colors and looks. Most important I really have been trying to eliminate the clutter I feel is almost inevitable for any small dwelling.

I added some brighter colors to my living room and got these cute pillows from Target. I’m not sure if some of you have the chance to check out their new line Project62 but I’m loving it!!!

I did a splurge with the vased floral from Homegoods, but its a absolute favorite new decor piece I recently bought. As you can see I moved my portrait from the kitchen now into my living room but I’m enjoying the relaxed vibe its bringing.

I absolutely love scenic photography so I went online and wanted to share with you some dream pieces I hope to inherit some day. lol One of my styling secrets (hint not really secret) but its wall art!!! Yes the wall art in your home sets the mood! I know I’ve done other blogs about decorating your walls but I can’t stress it enough that walls can really speak to you and a bare wall says nothing. I mean you can do anything from wall collages, tapestries, metal decor, wall stickers, canvas, shelving, hats and more. This blog is to highlight some great scenic photography pictures that will bring your home to life!

So I know we all love Pottery Barn and its fun to go in the stores and shop, dream, design, and style…but have you looked at their online store for photography?! HEAVEN!!!!

My top 3 picks below (click pic to be directed to their site)



tropical-adventure-framed-print-by-cindy-taylor-oThey have soooo many more great pieces but I also wanted to spotlight Ikea because one I practically always purchase my picture frames there, and secondly they have added some new photography art pieces to their collection. My 2 favorites below with clickable links.


My favorite thing about scenic wall art is I feel like you can place yourself there. You can wonder, dream, and even better spark a good conversation. I think pictures define ones personality and photography can really capture that.

I also want to encourage each of you to frame your own scenic photographs. Think of all those vacation pictures sitting in your phone…who says you can’t go enlarge those and frame them. What a beautiful memory and special meaning that piece of art could have.

Before I go I found some cute decor pieces from Kate and Laurel on Wayfair so check it out. So happy hunting friends until next time!!




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