Long time no see…

Wow! Talk about some months that I have been away from this blog. I had debated whether I wanted to continue this or not. While I love home decor, interior design, party planning and styling I think I got to a point where I was just overthinking things for myself.

I thought well maybe nobody is reading them, I’m not reaching the amount of people I truly wish to reach.  I always get ahead of myself and like many just want instant gratification, but we all know that is not how life works! Me being impatient and feeling like my blog wasn’t going where I wanted it to go really discouraged me. But the most interesting part was people actually noticed when I stopped! Mind you not everyone but surprisingly people I never knew were reading it. I thought man I just pushed back my own self. I felt that I had started to pressure myself into needing new things all the time in order to have content and that took the fun out of this in its entirety. My goal as far as interior styling has always been to do it on a budget, reuse pieces, and for it to reflect comfort.

I have also touched a little on this blog about motivating people and inspiring others to stay being creative. I never went into deep detail because a few people told me to not confuse my readers, but I’m sitting here thinking my content is my content. If people like what I post they will read it and if they don’t then, that’s alright. So I want to expand my blog into more lifestyle topics where I can reach different aspects of my readers. And maybe that’s just an excuse to be able to express myself on other things. I also know I’ve said this before, but videos are something I really do want to get into. Apart of that is being more confident in front of the camera. Confidence is a struggle…hence why I’m hesitant on my own decor work, but words can’t express how amazing the positive feed back makes me feel.

I think reflecting also makes me want to tell you all the time that goes into staging one good photo. Yes I said it 1 good photo…just 1. I usually take my weekends to get some good photos that I will display on my Instagram to then create a blog post. I think the behind the scene process really makes me respect all of the social media influencer’s out there. It is a full time job so kudos to you!

Anyways I say all this to say I’m back and going to get back at it. Also don’t think I have ever stopped doing home decor updates or home staging projects…I simply stopped documenting them. I will be catching you all up on my updates and some quick changes you can bring to your home to freshen it up for the summer.


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