Changes to dining room spaces!

Wow! It has been a minute! A struggle to keep up with life, work, and staying motivated on the things that make me happy. I haven’t touched this blog in quite some time and I have made some major changes in my home and life. I have done a lot of thinking about this site and going to start adding some additions…so stay tuned for those changes.

Any how I decided to blog today about dining tables! And yes I promise I will revisit some of the things mentioned above.

So now that summer is pretty much gone, I still find myself trying to freshen up my home with some new pieces. I had decided earlier in the summer that I really wanted a new dining set. My last one lasted me over 7 years! And lets be honest…that’s pretty darn good for Ikea furniture.


The hard thing about having a furniture piece for so long is the attachment to it. You can’t envision something different after so long. So I realize the next piece I get has to last just as long and the style has to be flexible enough to endure all of home style changes.

I can’t begin to tell you how much online and in-store browsing I have done for this dining set. Then if I liked a table I didn’t like the chairs. Also let me say if you ever tried matching a table and chairs together….it is no easy job. There are just way to many options! A part of the large options is that I have yet to officially commit to style: modern, rustic, or traditional.

Some stores I browsed were Living Spaces, Ashley Furniture, Ikea, Bobs Furniture, Wayfair, Target, Walmart and Aki Home. If you’re wondering why such a variety of places, well I didn’t know at some point what I was really looking for and wanted to see the variety of options and cost.

So here is my dining room table shopping tips:

  1. Know the size of your room
  2. Know the size of table you are looking for
  3. Does it need to sit 4, 6 or even 8 people
  4. Shape: round, square, rectangle
  5. High top or low top
  6. Material: wood, metal, glass
  7. Color
  8. Dining set or individual table and chairs
  9. Style: modern, mid century, traditional, rustic, industrial, etc.

Now to make a long story short after this list…there was no decision made. My better half decided they were going to make us a table. Yep, kinda cool when I think about how special a dining table is and the memories one shares around it. So stay tuned for our dining table that should be finished this weekend!!!!

And no we have no chairs. lol That will be a whole seperate post after the table completion post 🙂 Super excited!

Until next time friends. Below are some inspirational pictures that I like on Pintrest….lets see if you can figure out what kind of table we will end up with.

Also check out this video for some inspirational table DIY yourself. There are some awesome youtubers making furniture. This just happens to be one of my more favorite ones.



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