Sunday Reflections

Hey friends. I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and as I sit here on the couch looking out. Lots of thoughts have begun to consume me.

Life is such a crazy thing. One moment you could be at the peak of your life, enjoying things, everything seems and feels right, you’re genuinely happy and getting fulfillment out of your work, purpose and those around you. Then the next second it can all change. Nobody is promised their next breath and I think until you experience some sort of loss in your life you may not realize that. When sorrow used to hit others I would feel sorrow for them. I would feel like how could I be happy in my own life when someone else is so hurt? I would almost feel guilty as if I wasn’t supposed to be fulfilled if they couldn’t be too. Of course its not true, but I guess being an emotional person that I am, I very much empathize the pain that others could be experiencing around me.

I think a portion of our happiness in life comes from that of comparing to others. Meaning sometimes we cheat our own happiness because we are consumed about the person next to us. We feel this underlying need or impulse to compare what they have, where they have been, job status, money, family, friends and life style. The reality of all that is, their reality we’ve created, its a reality we wish for. We have created a reality of them based on our assumptions or vision or own desires. Who truly knows your reality other than you? No one. So how could you possibly know some one elses? We must be happy for our selves and with our selves before genuinely being happy for another. Our lives are not comparable. They are as different as they can be. The sooner we all except that I believe the world could be a better place. There is something about self realization that just changes things….no just you…but almost everything…

I guess I write this post in somewhat of a reflection that another year is soon to be ending. Time really does fly and sometimes obstacles have arisen that we never saw happening. I want those obstacles to never stop you. Never let them bear down on your heart, stop that dream, end that love, or have you give up. Let obstacles only make you stronger. If they can’t make you stronger allow them to make others stronger. May your experience be a opportunity to share growth and knowledge. And that experience may be one of your life’s most painful or happiest, but its an experience. That experience doesn’t define you…its what you do with it that does.

I think sometimes we go through things in life that sometimes people cannot empathize with…they can only sympathize…and sometimes that can’t do that either. It can be for a variety of reasons, but let me say this, if they can not do either because they simply can’t understand…well then maybe that person isn’t meant for you. People grow, people change. That all comes with life, so don’t be afraid to adjust your life and those in it. Also know those that value you…know those that don’t and know those that don’t bring you any value. Know your own power and strength. Know those around you that support you through it all.

Just some food for thought this evening. I think as I’m approaching 30, my life views are changing. Sometimes its a scary change. I don’t think age is the only thing to do it…I think loss, struggles, relationships, finding my passion, putting others before me, friendships, family, jobs and so much more have impacted my view. I appreciate things in a different way. Value my time differently. Miss some of the “golden” days and easier ways of life. But all things cannot remain the same. We must move through change and some will move with or with out us. Sweet dreams friends.

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