How to stage a house.

Hey everyone? I hope all is well. I hope you took the time to read my prior post about reflection. If you haven’t I think its a good read and reminder to ourselves.

So today I wanted to share with you all about some successful tips to stage a house for sale. I recently had to do a staging project in LA and it was a very enjoyable experience.

I want to first stress to homeowners and realtors to not over stage. Yes you can over stage. This means have so many elements inside of the home that one cannot see around them. Your staged pieces should enhance the look of the home and show how spaces can be utilized. Also know that staging a home doesn’t always require new pieces. Sometimes you cannot afford a professional stager and you have to use what you got. This home is Los Angeles is a mid century modern house. The renovation that the contractors and designers did was amazing. If you could have only seen how far the house came. I was given some pieces to work with below for the living room.

All of these pieces were vintage and belonged to the previous owners. I’m not going to lie…I saw these pieces and I freaked out. I think it was something about working outside of my own design preference. But these pieces inspired the vintage yet modern theme and I loved the results…


Day light verses evening light

Midcentury night

I think the room really came together. Large wall picture came from Ross along with the rug.  Coffee table vases, potted greenery, and kitchen canisters came from TJ Maxx. Pillows, lamps, couch, in tables, coffee table, bar stools and credenza were reused items. What a difference and warmth all these items brought in.

The modern cabinets are from Ikea and give the home a sleek finish. Notice the details in the pendant kitchen lighting.

The next room to be staged was the master suite. I wanted to stay minimal here in order to show the size of the room and really have perspective buyers look at the featured view.


Could this room have been more “jazzed” up? Absolutely, but keep in mind this is staging on a budget and if too many pieces are compiled in this room you loose the vision of spacing possibilities. Also note that the mid century modern theme was carried out in this space. Stay consistent. If I had to change one thing about this staged room is the size of the bed. I would want homeowners to visually see what a king size bed would look like in this space.

Pillows are from another stage and originally target, while the wall art once again from Ross. Don’t underestimate Ross! The other pieces were all reused 🙂

Want to see the house in its entirety? Its still for sale and I photographed the entire property. Click link below to see the bathrooms, deck, entry way and more. Beautiful bathroom elements you don’t want to miss.,-118.083973,34.018376,-118.268509_rect/12_zm/1_fr/

Check out this walk thru video I made in collaboration with Shades of Film Photography.

In closing my top 6 tips for home staging:

  1. Don’t over stage…sometimes less is more
  2. Stay consistent with the theme
  3. Remember you are selling this house it shouldn’t embody you, it should embody others. Clear all clutter and personal items.
  4. Add a creative piece or two. Your home staging elements or design details may be how they remember the home.
  5. Don’t feel the need to fully stage every room
  6. Don’t neglect the outdoor space to include the backyard

If you are looking for a home stager and don’t want to bust the bank doing so contact me. I enjoy a budget and reusing pieces that you may have not thought usable. Also may be able to help you strategize on textiles, fixtures and other interior elements. Until next time have a beautiful Tuesday!

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