All things lighting.

Lighting is element that is so important in every home. Lighting can really increase the value and aesthetic of a place. There are a variety of lighting fixtures. You may have recess lighting, lighting pendents, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps. Your light fixtures should match your style of home and some of your personality. I found this great video below that describes every type of lighting fixture. I think that it may even give you some ideas for your own home. Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton from the Design Network also talks about some key design points when using these fixtures.


Related image

Super helpful video and diagram right? So I would have to say that I currently love 1 lighting fixture in my whole home. That’s so sad isn’t it? The lighting fixture I love are my bedroom lamps. You have probably seen them in a previous post.


My guest room lamp I don’t like unfortunately. I’ve had 2. One the lamp shade didn’t go and then someone spilled something on the base. Then the temporary one I have put there just as a place holder is too small. It is crucial that your lamps are the appropriate size for the space, nightstand and most importantly the bed. Everything should be size appropriated.

Next are my living room lights. I have one of those old school lights that I am semi ashamed that I have not changed yet! Its very similar to the picture below. Don’t judge!!

Yes the standard, “first apartment lamp”. And lastly the lights I don’t like are my the kitchen area lighting. They are nice pendent lights and a simple chandelier over the dining table but they are not my style. They go with the space and unfortunately we cannot change them because its a rental. Check my “post vacation” post to see the dining room lighting I am talking about.

So to dream here are the light fixtures I would add to my home if I could and with some extra money. Click the images to be directed to their purchase site. Until next time friends.

Dining room chandelier wish list:




Floor lamp wish list:




Guest Room Table Lamp wish list:




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