Fall Focal Point

Hi friends!

I posted a small Fall video recently to Instagram and wanted to do a quick blog on it. This Fall decor is only a little of what I plan to include in my home. I will have some other fun things to share. But in the mean time I wanted to let you all know that most of the items seen on this focal point came from the 99 cent store. You have to be quick though because you know retailers have for gone Halloween and Thanksgiving to go straight to Christmas.


All of the pumpkins came from the 99cent store!!! I reused the candles from my house and the floral decor piece is something I reused from last year.

Depending on the esthetics of your home you may choose between 3 different fall themes:

1.Golds & White

2. Grays, Green & White

3. Traditional Yellows, Oranges and Browns

What is your Fall home favorite color scheme?

Before I go I want to make note of some great places to find bargain season/holiday home decor. Here are my top 3 (all stores are linked so happy browsing/shopping)

  1. Big Lots
  2. Hobby Lobby
  3. Target

And if you are ever up for some DIY or add on items that embellish you can NEVER GO WRONG AND DOLLAR TREE AND 99CENT STORE!

Before I leave I want to share you with an amazing fall center piece video by DesignedbyAdaeze. She is given me some inspiration! Go check out her youtube channel. Until next time friends!


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