Kitchen Fixes

Hey friends!

While I was away from the blog I was doing some home projects. One of the major things I did was change out my kitchen lighting fixture. I had this horrible tube light and finally built up the courage to ask the owner if I could replace it. Luckily she said yes…with one catch…it had to match the fixture over the bar and kitchen table. Check out the before and after!





What a difference right?! Changing the lighting fixture out was a easy fix as it had one electrical unit with 2 wires.


As you can see removing this fixture required me to paint the ceiling. Tips…tape and plastic everything!!!! Remember the appropriate roller as well for your ceiling texture and less splatter. I will say I’m very happy about the results.

Since I changed the lighting fixture I noticed that the cabinets had faded and yellowed. One reason being the kitchen is tiny with poor ventilation.  We recently replaced the microwave that allows some ventilation and I purchased a extra small counter fan to use while cooking.

I recently painted the cabinets and honestly I think that was more work than the light. lol Paint really can change the space. As a renter I did not have the opportunity to change colors, however refreshing the cabinets to its original white was well worth it.

See that color difference!!! Yea that’s the once upon a white…to a new fresh white! In heaven 🙂


Things to keep in mind when painting or staining your kitchen cabinets is you will need a sander. You must absolutely sand the surface in order for the paint/stain to saturate and stay.

My owner plans to change the knobs to bronze but this kitchen facelift has me dreaming about knobs and handles of my own choosing. With that being said I was on Anthropologie’s site and can I just say they have some of the most gorgeous and unique cabinet fixtures? Below are my favorites. You may click on the picture to be directed to the product. Browse their entire selection of hardware at

Until next time!






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