Holiday Decor Ready?

I’m still a work in progress at my house so I haven’t officially debuted Christmas. Last year I didn’t at all because unfortunately we had a death in the family. It is a tough time of year, but grief is a process in our home. I lost my dad 4 years ago Dec. 10 and my partner lost their dad a year ago Dec. 4.

From the sneak peak on my Instagram you can guess that my tree colors are red and blue. Some might think that those colors don’t go together but they do! The blue gives off this twinkling color and the red just makes it officially feel like Christmas. I really love the color combination.

I should also clarify that by blue I mean turquoise. I did this color a few years back and originally got the idea off of Pinterest.


This gorgeous tree is from Erin of House of Turquoise. I encourage you to check out her blog because its absolutely gorgeous!

The second tree that caught me on Pinterest is from Katie with the Bower Power Blog. Ornaments are hand made and everything. Check her blog out for DIYs, style, and home.


I just love how the colors come together. A few more online pictures I found. I take no credit for the work as they belong to their owners below.

The rest of my house will be in traditional colors but I am making sure that the colors do not clash. Shall I attempt a holiday tour? Hmmm. Maybe I’ve never done one and for the holiday it sounds kind of fun. Stay tuned for that…

Besides discussing my color inspiration I wanted to stop by and tell you about my favorite and best places I believe to get Christmas decor. If you haven’t grabbed your decorations or feel the need to rejuvenate your supply here are my go to places.

Natural/Green Garland: Michael’s

Ornaments: Walmart & Target

Holiday general decor: Big Lots, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & Homegoods

Add ons: 99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree & Ross

Fresh evergreen wreaths/branches: Trader Joe’s

Let me know your go to places or favorites from my list! Also let me know your theme and progress on holiday decor!


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