Entry way style ideas for your home.

You may not know it or think about it, but the entry way of your home is such a crucial point. It makes a statement and sets the mood for the rest of your home. Even if you don’t have an official entry way area there is that focal point that immediately catches the eye upon ones entrance of your home. Make sure that space allows for a special focal point. The focal point should be eye catching so a statement piece, a collage of pieces, or pop of color.

For those of you that have a official entry way it allows for key components such as: seating, shoe storage, hanging wall rack, credenza, floral/greenery pieces, mirror and artwork. All of those components are not necessary but at least 3 of them would complete a space.

The most important part of your entry way is the feeling you wish to convey to visitors. Do you want them to feel comfortable, relaxed, bold/excited, or conversational?

You also don’t want to overcrowd your entry way so you ask yourself the following questions regarding your entry way

  1. What do you need?

Do you need a console with drawers for keys and other important items. Is there a need for shoe storage? You can get a bench with storage or have units below the entry table for shoes. Is there a need for a bench for some to take on and off their shoes. A bench to sit items down when entering the door. Do you have a lot of key, coats or animal leashes therefore needing a hook rack.? Maybe you possibly need none of the items above and its simply a design area which allows for flexibility in your pieces.

*Above pictures belong to their respected owners/creators on Pinterest.

2. What style do you want the area to give off? Will it stay consistent with the nearby living spaces?

3. How much space do you have?

Make sure to not overfill the space. Keep it clean, simple, yet appealing.

4. Do you need to check your look before heading out the door?

If so a mirror could be a great piece to include in your entry way.

5. Do you sometimes need extra living room seating?

If so get creative with that console and put some poof balls or small decorative stools underneath. You can pull them out whenever you have extra guests over.

*Above pictures belong to their respected owners/creators on Pinterest.

Remember the items in your entry area don’t need to be costly or fancy. You can visit some cost friendly stores such as Ikea, Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Those are some of my entry pointers to think about and consider. Below are some style board entry areas created by me to get your design juices flowing! Until next time friends!

entry way1entry way themes3entry way



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