30 things in 30 years

Hey Friends! Can I still say “Happy New Year”? I’m going to anyways since I have not had the opportunity to wish one anyways. With the holidays and the new year I have been a little quiet. Just with transition and life happening. I wasn’t really in to the holidays this year and find them fading as the years increase but I made the best of it. With the passing of this holiday I also had a birthday….the big 3-0!!

Yes I’m now in the 30 club. It’s funny because when your just doing the day to day thing and growing up 30 sounds so far away. I guess its not cause its here. A lot of thoughts came flooding my mind as I turned another year. Most of them around “am I where I want to be at this age?” I mean will I ever get to be where I am truly happy and comfortable and accepting of all the circumstances in my life? I don’t have answer for that one, but if you do let me know with a response!

So in traditional manner as many bloggers do its only appropriate that I share 30 things with you that I have learned in these 30 years. Here it goes.

  1. You’ve changed cause you’ve grown and you’re going to keep growing so don’t stop and don’t be afraid of it.
  2. Carbs are not your friend after 20…the metabolism thing is not a myth!
  3. Friends come and friends go
  4. Family is not only compiled of “blood” family is truly what you make it
  5. Death happens and it hurts, but it is something you will learn to overcome and help others with
  6. Friendships will change
  7. Love hurts
  8. Go out….live a little
  9. Study abroad while in undergrad. (One of my biggest college regrets!)
  10. Speak up at work. Be confident in your knowledge. You are equally intelligent as others you just have to vocalize it.
  11. Styles rotate!! Save all your clothes!
  12. You’re going to become your parents no matter how much you try to be different lol
  13. People aren’t going to agree with your relationship and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it
  14. Start that business you have dreamed of now before time passes by and you say “I should have…”
  15. Nature is life and an absolute necessity
  16. Work friendships/relationships are just that…work. Leave them there and don’t have expectations that they are long term
  17. Those heels you love to rock and going to get shorter lol
  18. Dairy will become your enemy
  19. Food is still life
  20. Do what you love cause you have to do that for a very long time…
  21. Stop stressing…your getting a permanent for head wrinkle
  22. Some days are just shitty and that’s ok.
  23. Be appreciative of your jobs cause you will miss them one day
  24. Graduating college is a big deal…treat it like a big deal
  25. Know your worth and charge people for it
  26. Disneyland is way more fun as a adult
  27. You will grow in to red wine and love it!
  28. Patient is tough…but you will get better at it…thank goodness!
  29. You can’t travel enough! Travel and get to know other cultures, see the world and understand humanity
  30. Share your talent….you may not think its great or worth sharing…but it is. And people will encourage you to keep sharing it.

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