3 Affordable Ways to Freshen your home

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today I wanted to stop by and talk about 3 simple and affordable ways you can add some freshness to your home.

  1. Change of wall art
  2. New floral/greenery pieces (live or fake)
  3. Rugs

To be fair I think all 3 of these pieces are essential to any room and changing these pieces doesn’t have to be costly for them to make a large impact on a room. Changing these pieces out can be subtle or completely bold. Choose what suites you and your home best.

When it comes to art in the home the least expensive way to bring change is to rotate your artwork to different rooms and change personal photos. The second most inexpensive way to change up wall art is to repurpose it. I recently took the canvas portrait below and transformed it. All I used what a old canvas, white paint in the house, painters tape and some spray paint. I bought the spray paint for the project only $7. That was the only thing I purchased.


This was Pinterest inspired. All I looked up was DIY canvas art.

Lastly if you are looking for something completely new and just don’t want to splurge then hit up your local discount stores. First and foremost Ross. I cannot say enough good things about the art variety and the affordability! A place that might surprise you for wall art is Big Lots. Other places to consider are Ikea, Burlington, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Secondly a way to freshen the home is with floral and greenery pieces. They don’t have to be fresh, but fresh flowers brings more than color it brings a true sense of freshness and home feeling. But lets be honest some of us aren’t good at keeping things alive and if that is the case get some fake arrangements. You can go almost anywhere to get these pieces.

I want to also encourage you to make your own pieces. Get a decorative vase, jar, empty candy container and add some stems to it. I typically get my stems from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I believe Michaels has more sales on their stems, but Hobby Lobby has more “special” stems. You can get stems at other retailers but this is my preference. I also like purchasing stems so I can do new arrangements regularly which I cannot do with already made vases, however premade is an affordable and easy buy. The stems you see below on my dining table are from hobby lobby.


Third and last but not least is an area rug. This can be an entire game changer! Rugs help separate spaces, or even bring attention to spaces. Area rugs can be purchased for affordable prices at Ross, Lowes, Home Depot, and Target. These places I recommend based on experience. Always remember those clearance racks because depending of the size area rugs can add up!


Until next time keep these affordable tips in mind!




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