All things bedding!

Hey friends! So today I am back to discuss easy use and washable décor items. If you have kids or pets you know what it means to have washable pillows, duvets, furniture and more.

My focus here is going to be on duvets, lightweight bedding (machine washable) and pillow covers. I’m going to start by saying this…I don’t spend a lot of money on bedding. The reason being is I like to rotate them at least twice a year and I wash my bedding a lot because of the animals.

Duvets are a great option for this. They can range greatly in regards to price but you don’t have to go high end. Get something affordable and versatile. You can always dress up your bed with other decors items such as pillows, blankets, coverlets, etc. Below are 3 cute duvets I found on Walmart and IKEA websites. I believe they have the most affordable duvets under $100, however there are nicer ones if you wish to splurge at stores like West Elm and Anthropologie.

Walmart Stripe Duvet

Walmart Ball Duvet

Ikea Floral DuvetAn alternative to duvets if you don’t want a heavy bed cover (you would most likely have a down comforter inside the duvet) you can choose to do a bed quilt. This is what I have most recently been using. I like them because they are long, and I can eliminate the whole bed skirt thing and most importantly it fits in my washing machine. Many think of quilts as the patchwork our moms and grandmas sewed together from scraps at home, however quilts in modern day have taken on a whole new meaning. They a chic, understated and affordable. Below are a few favorite finds I found.

Wayfair Reversible Quilt

Wayfair Tucker Quilt

Pottery Barn

The most affordable quilts I have purchased have been from Wayfair and Groupon. Yes…I said groupon….you should check them out I’m just saying. For a splurge and absolute great quality check out Pottery Barn and William Sonoma. Gorgeous quilts without looking quilty! lol I made that word up 😉

Now for pillow coverings. Making decor pillow coverings is pretty easy. I have not done it myself but have seen a few crafty youtubbers do it. Matter of fact I will place a video below.

They even have no sew tutorials! But if you are like me and wish to purchase new pillow coverings instead of the pillow, you have alot of variety to choose from. I like pillow coverings because I can wash them. We always say pillows are for decoration, but lets face it…we use them and they get dirty. So pillow coverings work and take up less space that buying new pillow after new pillow.

Pottery Barn pillow cover

West Elm pillow covers


You can literally purchase pillow covers anywhere and I recommend. All of the covers above come in a variety of shades. You can also find covers in store at Tj Maxx and Marshalls for all pillow sizes and shapes.

As I have stated before you can add so many layers to your bed. It depends on you, your style, and use of room. I like the bedding breakdown below I found on Pinterest.


Now here’s an example:


Well I hope you all enjoyed my tips and tricks for bedding. Get creative, be simple, be bold, be you! Shop around, you made find ideas, and materials in the least expected places. You don’t need to break the bank in the bedding department. Until next time! Enjoy your weekend!

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