Clean up time!


Stopping by to talk about some cleaning tips. Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do, however I find myself constantly doing it. Something about a clean house right? I just wanted to talk briefly on some things I regularly clean in the house and some of the products I enjoy using. 

So some things people don’t often think about cleaning are interior walls. They get dusty, and if you’re anything like me and keep windows open they get dustier quicker. While I don’t believe I wash my walls enough I wash them at least a few times a year. A white rag and a bucket or warm water and soap do the trick just fine. If you have scuff marks that are a little more stubborn that I encourage the magic erase markers. They do wonders. Also it doesn’t have to be the brand name one. They all do the same!


Target Erasers

Second big thing I like to clean weekly or bi weekly is the ceiling fans. The more often you do this the less oil that builds up. Oil and dust are a terrible combo and require more “elbow grease” when cleaning.. You can easily use a duster to clean you ceiling fans. 

Fan DusterNow my ceilings are not high so I love this hand held microfiber fan duster. Picture is linked so check it out. Now if you have high ceilings you may need something with an extender. 

Fanduster with extension
Next thing I clean are the base boards. Yes these are less then exciting to clean but they have to be done. I get this one from my mom. She literally taught me to clean from top to bottom. I clean the base boards a few times a year as well. They collect dust just like the floor. So a little warm water and soap will do the trick. If you have carpet also take the time to vacuum where the base board meets the carpet. If you don’t have carpet I envy you. I have carpets in the bedrooms and have a love hate relationship with it.
As far as dusting, I feel like we all do that but don’t forget some of these forgotten spots…
1. Top of wall hanging pictures
2. Behind the tv
3. Behind furniture, dust mites are everywhere so take the time at least a few time s a year to move furniture and clean behind it
4. Change you air filters! We change them twice a year, but change according to package label
5. Lamps and lamp shades.  Lint/dust loves lamp shades so I use a lint roller to clean them regularly

         6. Clean under the bed. I’m always surprised what has rolled under there!

As far as cleaning products I use a few different ones. I have tried using the natural ones but it’s a work in process as when you are accustomed to a product and love the results. Some of the cleaning products I use are below and linked. 

Greenworks All Purpose
Pledge Wipes
Foam bath cleaner
That’s just a little of what I do and what I use. I hope you all find this helpful and if there are some products you recommend let me know and comment! Have an amazing Sunday!!

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