Springtime Home Refresh & Repurpose

Hey friends! So I took a poll recently on what new blog topics you all were interested on and one of them was about everyday home products you can reuse. I absolutely love this idea because I do believe in reusing products and using non conventional things around the home in disguise.

I also think that as it actually starts to feel like spring this is the perfect time to freshen up the home or even office. I don’t often talk about the importance of how a office should especially when you see customers or clients regularly. Maybe I should do a office blog? What do you think? Let me know below with a comment!

Things you can re-purpose for spring:

  • Empty candle jars as vases and holders.
    1. You spend all that money on candles and toss the jar when you’re done. Why???!!! Some jars are absolutely cute in pattern, gorgeous in color, and nice in size even if its a clear jar. Save them!!! Clean them out and remove the wax and prepare for reuse!!!!
    2. You can place some gorgeous faux stemmed flowers or greenery. My go to places are Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. However I highly recommend Ikea and if you want to splurge Target has now started carrying them.
  • Printed wrapping paper
    1. Printed wrapping paper makes great wall art. Between TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods they have absolutely gorgeous wrapping paper that can be framed!!! I love it! I know you have walked by it saying “oh that paper is so pretty what would I do with it?” Uhhhh frame it! I’m just saying. Other places that have intricate wrapping paper is World Market, Crate & Barrel, and of course Hallmark

These stores have some many bright beautiful prints that will surely have your home feeling like spring and summer.

Here’s an example for the DIY Playbook bloggers! Yes that’s framed wrapping paper and look how gorgeous it looks!

Check out their site the DIY Playbook!

Another item to repurpose that you might have not thought of are soap dishes. Have seen some super cute soap dishes? Walked down the aisle and thought “I wish I had a purpose for this cause its so pretty?” I know I have seen them at Target and TJ Maxx, but I personally don’t use soap bars. However they make some cute trinket trays for side tables for jewelry or keys. The gorgeous dish below is linked!

Now besides re-purposing items, have you ever moved items from one room to another? Does not have to be large items but it can be. Switching up room arrangements and item placements can make a space have new life. You may also appreciate something more in one room then the other. All I’m saying is give it a try and let me know what you think!

Another quick and affordable way to freshen up a home is paint. You can paint anything and give it new life. Last year I painted my kitchen cabinets and what a difference it made. Tonight I plan to paint my old headboard I fell out of love with. I will let you know how that goes in a different blog.

Lastly a spring refresh tip I want to give is air out the house! While in the process take the time wash the windows, seals, and screens. Once the house has been aired out and some home fragrances. Everyone has a preferred fragrance style via candles, incense, diffusers, plug ins, etc. And remember to change the scent that’s important, because its a refresh!

Well those are quick, simple, and affordable spring refresh tips. I hope they helped. Let me know what you think or try. Also feel free to share yours in the comments! Have a beautiful day friends!

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