Headboard Facelift

Hey friends so I recently decided to give chalkboard paint a try after unsuccessfully being able to sell my headboard. I haven’t decided exactly which room I will be keeping this headboard in but for now it’s in the master.

I will say the chalkboard is just as easy as all the reviews say! The only complaint is as easy as it applies it also easily comes off. That’s the bummer, however I didn’t prime it some that may make a difference.

I order my paint on amazon.

They had a variety of colors available.


I also did this project in the house with no mess!!

With the first coat I will admit I did become a bit nervous!

Luckily all it needed was a second coat!

I never thought painting this headboard white would really change my mind about this headboard but it has. I need to decide how I now want to decorate the room around it and change up the aesthetic. Want to go for a cleaner and simple look in the master room.

This project only took a few hours. The paint dries really quickly and I can’t say enough good things about it.

That’s the quick DIY I have for today. As the saying goes “paint can fix just about anything” not everything though! Have a good night friends! Below is the final product and the before for comparison.

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