Home Decor Styles Part 1 of 3

Hello! How was everyone’s Easter? I didn’t do much celebrating this year as it was also my moms birthday so I spent the weekend throwing her a birthday party in Vegas, which is where I grew up.

I wanted to talk about home styles today. There is such a variety of styles for a home and like our fashion is reflects who we are. Something I am currently trying to do is curate a home look that is felt throughout my entire home. Meaning I want my home to have a cohesive theme, look, and feel. I have no idea what that is yet because I like a few different styles.

Popular Interior Design Styles include:

  • Glam
  • Minimal
  • Mid-century modern
  • Transitional
  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Boho
  • Modern

There are a ton of interior design style quizzes that Curbly listed for their top 10, but my favorite happens to be on Havenly.

Can you guess my predominant design style? My main style is Transitional with a touch of glam. Not a lot…just a sprinkle. lol. Transitional styling is a marriage of traditional and modern. Which actually works because my partner is totally modern. I have realized that lately I am playing with quite a variety of looks and have lost the standard look of my home. Another part of me is trying to be mindful of my partners style preference. We will talk more about my style in the next post.

Now maybe you don’t need to take a style quiz to know your preference, but maybe you need help figuring out how to make your home into your desired look. I’m going to talk about some simple and affordable ways to incorporate these aesthetics in to your home.

I’m going to do this in a multi part blog otherwise you would have a lot to read and consider at once. This blog will go over glam, minimal, and mid-century modern.

Glam Style

If you like glam its all about the sparkle. The sparkle can come from metals (silver/gold), diamond accents, and glass decor. One way to bring some glam in the home is mirror framed pictures and large mirrors.

This mirror is available at Walmart. Picture is hyperlinked.

Changing out frames is a very affordable way to glam up your home along with adding a oversized mirror. The next best way to glam up your home is with accessories. Think of accent pieces such as vases, candle holders, lighting.

This gorgeous display is from Wayfair. The gold vase can be found on their site. Click picture.

All of these pieces in this picture completely embody glam. Can you see how you can incorporate some of these elements in your home? Below is another glam look by Joss & Main.

These glamorous serving trays can be used to enhance your dresser, bathroom counter or coffee table.

West Elm
TJ Maxx

Now one of my favorite stylist to follow and watch is Denise Cooper so I’m going to share one of her glam home videos but if you love glam good luck containing yourself to one video. Also glam does not have to be expensive!! DIY dollar tree hacks, Walmart, Target and Marshalls are all your friends!

Minimalist Style

Now those are the basics for glam decor but feel free to put your spin on it. Next on the list is in opposite to glam decor and that’s Minimal decor. The biggest thing about minimal decor is clean lines. Most furniture in spaces with minimal decor hide your essential belongings behind doors so you do not see any clutter. I believe that minimal decor is not just a style but a way of living. You have to be willing to clear the clutter and really live with your essentials. Less is more. No design tips for minimal decor besides one large statement piece per room is key. You do not want lots of accent pieces or small pieces when creating a minimalist space. My suggestion is that you also start room by room. Some minimalist do not want any wall decor at all. There statements are made through furniture and a pop of color in piece of decor that draws the eye. Here ares some examples.

These are 2 minimal decor styles but some may even say its not minimal enough. Minimal is how you define it, but is clear of excess. All of these styles vary and can have a mixture of styles. So for those thinking of going minimal, start thinking of getting rid of all those unnecessary pieces. If you are interested in a minimalist lifestyle there are so many great things about it and I wanted to share youtuber Shadia Badiei with all of you. Check out her video for some good food for thought.

Mid Century Modern Style

Next is mid-century modern. This style has become quite trendy lately, but it not a new style in any way! Mid century modern is a style that also replicates clean lines and the furniture pays homage to a classic style. Mid-century modern style also mixes textures so may see some wood elements, plastics and metals. The style can also include incorporation of vibrant colors or be very subtle.

The LA home above I styled Mid-Century Modern. Take notice to the varying shapes of things include the hanging pendent lights. The couch with pin legs is a popular mid century look. The lamps and side tables are vintage and ring everything together. Notice not much accessorizing and the subtle pops of color. The kitchen cabinets are very sleek and some may even remove the hardware to give it a even more clean finish.

Here are some other styles of mid century styles. I would say that below there are less modern elements and more enhanced mid-century embellishments.

Now how do you turn spaces in your home into this style? I would encourage you to start with the large furniture pieces. Those are key for Mid Century.

This signature mid-century bed can be found at All Modern. Picture hyperlinked.
This signature mid-century chair can be found at Wayfair. Picture hyperlinked.
The Crendeza is from Ikea. Picture Hyperlinked

Ikea’s Stockholm Collection embodies affordable Mid Century modern so check it out! I also want to point out that this crendenza represents a popular sleep cabinetry style that you may find in kitchens and bathrooms for the Mid Century and Modern style.

Now I know I’ve stated for this style you may want to keep accessories limited unless you are doing a more eclectic feel. As I’ve stated before many of you will mix styles and not even know it. I think the last key to a great mid-century modern home besides great art…is lamps.

This neutral lamp can be found on Wayfair. Picture hyperlinked. The glass vase bottom is very popular and shapes are often accentuated for this decor style. Lamps allow an ambience but also serve as a statement in the room if bold

Below is a video that Sharrah Stevens uploaded on Mid Century Modern style. She did a whole series on design styles and I love her videos so I encourage you to check out the entire series. The reason why I am choosing to share this one in particular is I like how she explains and shows you exactly what to shop for and in Target. She has some great examples so check her out.

I shall return tomorrow to talk about 3 more styles!!! I may possible do a video so I can chat and express some other important things about design and style.

Let me know your thoughts so far and what your style is and if you take any of the quizzes. I hope you enjoy the videos and let me know if you gain any inspiration or creative ideas. Talk to you later friends!

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  1. Great post! Cannot wait to learn more from you! Keep it coming, friend! 🙂

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