Home Styles Part 2 of 3

Heyyyyyy. I’m back as promised! So the style talk for today is Traditional and Transitional. They are similar yet different and my personal home decor style is transitional so I’m excited to chat!

Traditional Style

When you think of traditional think of timeless elegance. It’s the 18th/19th century European decor. Also think of comfortable, classic and inviting. Below is a beautiful living room that embodies all of the traditional details:

  • Chandelier
  • Drapes
  • Furniture detail
  • Ornate accessories
  • Classic/vintage/subtle art
  • Layers
  • Homey feel
This picture is from Traditional Home and embodies all of the classic elements of this style.

If you haven’t checked out Traditional Home’s magazine or online you need to. The rich details of the traditional style will never fade out. One thing to keep in mind as well is that styles within themselves have separate styles. One may be more opulent then others.

The below is an example of a traditional bedroom, that feels new and fresh which many don’t think of when they think of this style. And please adore that ceiling medallion molding around the chandelier!!

This traditional design is from McCroskey Interiors

McCroskey Interiors shows a perfect variation of traditional styles so I encourage you to check them out. The main traditional elements about this style is the detail of the furniture and different layered pieces. The furniture won’t have nontraditional shapes or bold colors rather they will remain neutral or true to form keeping it classic.

Now I grew up in a traditional home. Below is my mom’s living room and you can see why I like some traditional elements, especially since I grew up with it.

This is a picture of my moms formal living area. Take notice to the curved arms on the couch, traditional print patterns, neutral colors and tones. The lamps I believe are very modern but they go in the space very well.

House Beautiful is another great magazine for traditional home style ideas and Southern Home.

Now lets take a look at some affordable pieces that you can bring into your home if traditional is your thing.

This dining set is from Wayfair. Classic chair backs with arches and the detail in the table/chair legs. Picture is hyperlinked.

The Darby Home Co. collection at Wayfair showcases all kinds of Traditional furniture from the living, dining, bathroom, bedrooms and more.

This side table can be found at Target. Picture hyperlinked.
This chair is available at Target. Picture hyperlinked.
This piece of art is apart of Drew Barrymore’s new collection and is available at Walmart. Picture hyperlinked.
This piece is available at TJ Maxx and picture is hyperlinked.

So those are some decor ideas for your home but get creative with your traditional style. I think a lot of people think that traditional has to be boring and that’s not true. Any style can be boring if you allow it, but this style is timeless and not going anywhere. Its a style rich in detail, print, and layers. Traditional doesn’t mean Grandma’s house unless you want it to mean that.

Now I want to share a favorite home of mine Mindy Kaling’s Hancock Park House. If you haven’t subscribed to Architectural Digest youtube channel then you are missing out!! I hope you the video below as much as I do. Everything is absolutely beautiful in this Traditional Home!!

Transitional Style

Next up is Transitional. I like to think of transitional as traditional but with a edge. Transitional is a marriage of traditional and modern. Think of the traditional core ideas and pieces except with a bit of glamour and modern day touch.

Transitional is my favorite design style because I like the classic touch and standard, but I like that you can always update and modernize it without loosing the complete aesthetic.

Once upon a time my room looked like this. The set up is very traditional and even the way the mirrors are symmetrical above the bed, however the style of the mirrors is very modern/glam. The headboard very traditional, but take a look at the lamps much more modern. So this style is a mix and very fun to play with.

Fresh Home gets me so I thought I would share some of their feature homes to showcase Transitional. Also check out this article on Transitional Styling on their site.

I mean “yassssss” to everything! Traditional furniture, but nontraditional with the mantle art placement, look at the modern accessories, and clean lines. Simple, classic and modern all at the same time.
Another look from Fresh Home.

And one more example cause I can!

So pretty and simple.

Are you ready for some transitional pieces for your home? Transitional like traditional style has to be comprised of some symetry, tradition in the furniture requirement per room. So for example in this style you’re probably not going to not find a side table next to a chair or couch because that’s “standard” and we don’t rock the boat we just “jazz” it up. I hope that makes sense so now let’s do some shopping!!

This cute credenza is from Target. Picture hyperlinked.
Floating shelves!!! Now there are a variety of floating shelve styles that fit to different home aesthetics, but these here are the perfect compromise for a Transitional Home. You can be traditional in style or bring in some accents pieces that really draw the eye. These are from Amazon! Picture linked.
This tufted ottoman can be found at Target. Picture linked.
This coffee table is available at Birch Lane. Simple and modern allowing for bold table top accessories. Also available in chrome. Picture linked.
This pretty piece is from TJMaxx and picture is hyperlinked.

To show you a great example of transitional and a favorite of mine I want to share Arch Digest’s Kerry Washington’s NYC Apartment.

Also one of my very favorite youtubers that I have been following for a couple years now is Nadia from Styled by Casanova. I absolutely love her style and believe it fits very much into this style. There are a few videos of hers to choose from but I’m going to share the video below so you can take note to the decor accessories and pieces and how they fit in to her home.

I hope this blog helped you understand the traditional and transitional home style. I also hope you drew some inspiration. Let me know what you all think. Before I go I do also want you to take not to the variety of retailers that I always showcase. I do that strategically so you know you don’t have to stick to once specific store or brand. You can decorate and design your home in a affordable manner and I try my best to display that. Counter to that, quality can cost so I do believe in spending more for larger pieces because furniture pieces are something you don’t have to rotate. You keep them for years and dress them up according to how you feel and like.

Alright so that’s all for tonight! I will be back tomorrow for Boho, Rustic and little Modern. Comment below!

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