Home Styles Part 3 of 3!!

Part 3 of 3!!! Yayyy! We made it! As promised I’m back to talk about rustic and bohemian decor.

I believe rustic decor has alot of different variations so be a little flexible in your thinking of rustic. Now rustic does not necessarily mean “country/farm”. Rustic style uses more natural woods in furnishing, and accentuates the natural beauty to things. You will see more natural and neutral tons, along with a warm feel to the home.

Some people choose modernize their rustic home creating “rustic modern” and some choose to add glam elements making “rustic glam”. I said it before and will say it again these styles are all about how you choose express them.

Now lets take a look at some traditional rustic homes.

This picture is one Joana Gaines designs.

This living room design embodies all the classic elements of rustic decor:

  • Galvanized metals
  • Shiplap walls
  • Wood decor accessories and wall hangings
  • Antiqued looking furniture
  • Plants
  • Light neutral colors
Another Joanna Gaines rustic farmhouse look. Take notice to the butcher block counter tops and open kitchen shelving.
This rustic home from Magnolia embodies some modern elements when you look at architecture lines around the fire place and some traditional style with the dining chairs.

Adding rustic flair to your home is easy. You can DIY some rustic decor or purchase some of the items below or similar ones.

This piece is available at Wayfair. Picture hyperlinked.
For a more modern/traditional rustic look this table is gorgeously understated. Also take a look at the chandelier that brings the glam/chic to the space.
Available at Target. Picture hyperlinked.
These frames are available at Walmart and hyperlinked.

An affordable way to create a home with more rustic details is to use natural frames. You can fill these frames with black and white family portraits. Print some quotes or some rustic-ish symbols for the home. See example below:

This printable is from Harper House and I will leave the link below because they quite a few cute printables!!

Check out her blog and grab your FREE printables: https://www.theharperhouse.com/free-printables-lets-stay-home/

Available at TJ Maxx also hyperlinked.

Before I transition to the next style I want to show another video of very pretty home that completely embodies the rustic style. This video is from Rustic Fields on Youtube and her home is just too cute.

Now how about bohemian. This style is all about layers, texture, patterns and warmth. This style home really embodies this warm and relaxing feeling. Things don’t have to have a order with this style and should be more free flowing. Some may have a more eclectic boho style and that’s always fun. Some might have a more rustic boho vibe going. Others in complete opposite modernize their boho and scale it back a bit making it less traditional. Let’s take a look.

This embodies a more traditional bohemian design with the patterns, different styling seating and lots of layers. Look at the fun bright colors!
This is a more modern boho vibe, but still look that nothing has symmetry. It’s free flowing. Plants are also a big thing for this style to take notice to the hanging plants and hammock. This room embodies function and relaxation.
This is a more monochrome boho style but all off the same elements. Layers layers layers! Live plants, natural wood, handmade pieces and macrame.

Now how to add this style to your home. Just layer it up and be bold. This is a bold yet relaxing style.

Available at Anthropologie. Picture linked.
Available at Amazon and this piece is everything!!! Linked in picture.
Available at World Market. Picture linked!!
Vibrant rug from Joss & Main. Picture linked.

Now for a full tutorial on how to boho your house out I’m going to share a awesome video from Shara of Live Your Style. She literally walks you through this from start to end on how to transform your home and what to prepare when shopping for this look. Follow along with her at World Market! You have to love her!

So that’s it for now! I may be back tomorow for a catch all but I wanted to deliver what I promised. Leave comments and enjoy! Do some fun stuff over the weekend!

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