Decorative Storage and Dual Purpose Furniture

Hey yall! Man I am really struggling to stay on track with things. Life has gotten busy with so many things and I’m just trying to balance it all. I think the fact of it being hard to balance makes me question this recent thought of pursuing a doctoral program next year. Anyways I digress.

I’m here to talk about storage in your home. Especially in small spaces. I believe that home décor items can double as storage and bins for clutter so things are out of site and remain in one place. I also believe in furniture dual functionality.

So when I’m talking dual purpose furniture one thing I think of it ottomans and benches. I believe ottomans are perfect for storage of blankets, pillows, sheets and possibly a air mattress. Can you tell what’s in my ottomans? lol

For example check out these ottomans below.

Available at Living Spaces (photo linked)
Available at Ikea (picture linked)
Available at Amazon (picture linked)
Available at Wayfair (picture linked)
Available at Wayfair (picture linked)

So these are a variety of storage ottomans and benches that can be used in your home. The great thing about all of these pieces is not only the storage component but the versatility of the pieces. You can use some as coffee tables, foot stools, entry way pieces, or end of the bed benches. I think versatility is just as important as the storage component because this allows you to move the piece throughout the house if you choose to repurpose.

Dependending on your home and needs you can choose to organize these unique storage furniture pieces in ways that apply to you.

Now something I actually use beneath my coffee table decorative boxes.

That cute brown book on my coffee table is secret clutter storage 🙂 It houses all the games and cards for parties.

I use these boxes to hide my remotes, note pads and games. I literally have one box dedicated to games. I enjoy having games ready for dinner parties and girls nights. I also don’t want to see or search for them when its time to use them.

These cute boxes can be rewrapped to your desired look. So if you want to glam it up you can make a Chanel cover or if you are more eclectic and want to cover it in some pattern or print. Here are some other ways to style these boxes.

Organization central!! But check out the variety of storage that is possible and the style variations!
Hidden storage boxes can you find them?
See the cute yet disguised storage at the bottom.
These nifty boxes are also perfect for storing paper work and important information that you may have to reference.

These cute bins can be found at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and Ross. They may also be considered hat boxes or organizers. They come is round, square and rectangular. I believe these work well on dressers can sort everyday items such as jewelry, scarves, headbands and so much more. It keeps them separate and offers some décor elements to the home without seeing the “unpretty”. Some boxes online I found that I love are below.

Available at Z Gallerie
Available at Staples (picture linked)

Now another thing I did in my home was beneath our guest room table/desk was put storage cubes. It helped me organize our camera equipment and then small trays to separate paper work and other odds and ends.

Check out the secret storage in my guest room below.

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