Creating Your Home Vibe

Hello everyone! I hope you watched my 2 minute tip on IGTV yesterday. If not go check it out and follow me!

I wanted to follow up the video with a blog because there’s a few different things I wanted to expand on when it comes to your “home vibe”. I honestly never thought about the vibe my home gave off until my friends would comment on how “cozy or homey” they felt when they walked in and sat down. It’s really interesting because I grew up in a house that I dared not sit or touch anything besides the kitchen dining chair. My parents were very particular and my mom still is. So I truly appreciate that people feel at home when they visit. Its honestly a great compliment and has made me do some thinking as far as what actually makes my home feel cozy.

I was talking to my partner and they were like “its a vibe”. It’s so true because I don’t think decor only makes a home welcoming or cozy. Its the atmosphere that has been created when you walk in. Now thinking of the atmosphere I have created I’ve determined three things that really make my home feel like home are the following:

  1. Lighting
  2. Scent
  3. Comfort

I enjoy having company over so the welcoming atmosphere is natural. The lighting in my home I have to be strategic about. My living area gets great natural which I absolutely love. I think when you let the natural sun light poor in, its pretty hard not feel a sense of warmth. I completely open our curtains to allow the light in but want to eventually do a double curtain rod so I can keep a sheer curtain down. This allows for the light but also a sense of privacy and division from those passing by as I live in an apartment complex.

I have since changed this room a little but you can see the natural light that pours in.

Now if you don’t have a lot of natural lighting in your home you have to be creative. One thing you can consider is using a decorative wall mirror and that will reflect the light already existing in the room and can also make your space appear bigger. The other alternative is to brighten your space with lighter colored furniture or decor pieces, wall art and frames. Sometimes fresh floral or green stems can also create some visual stimulation offering lighting, scent and comfort.

When it comes to night time lighting I’m all about the ambience. I believe ambient lighting is key cause I don’t want my space to be overly bright with fluorescent bulbs or too dark where I need to use my cell phone. I do like overhead or “can/recess lighting” however I am very particular on that as well. That’s a whole other blog. Anyways my point is I have several types of lights in my living space that allow to set a chill vibe. I have stringed lights that line my couch and a focal point. I have floor lamp that I really want to replace, but what I do like about it is that I can move lights themselves and place the lighting where I want it to reflect off of. I can do down or up lighting which makes a difference. I also use candles which leads me in to my next “home vibe” element.

Scent is so powerful in a home. Let me be clear though I don’t believe in masking smells. So if you have a home like me with pets you have to do your part in cleaning, leaving the windows open to refresh and vacuum/sweep the dander and fur. Also washing your linens including the ones in the guest room that nobody often uses. Keep them smelling and looking fresh by washing them periodically. By that I mean more than just when guests come over. I know its a pain I feel you there but I’ve found this to make a difference. My candles, and diffusors only add to my space a light sense of smell and aroma. I love walking in to a subtle smell of goodness. I also like to change my candle scents up because I like variety and your home can adapt to difference scents and odors so changing them out sometimes makes me feel like I am in a different space.

I’m just starting to get in to the diffusers but really enjoy them. I also think they are cute home decor accent piece so a complete win for me. I will say that the quality of diffusors is important especially when it comes to the ones with reeds.

I have this and absolutely love it. I also have it in this scent. Its battery operated and the scent is beautiful. I picked mine up at a local grocery store while shopping but it can also be found at Walmart and Target.
Kohl’s has good quality reed diffusers and I love the Sonoma brand.
Picture linked!
Picture linked!

After looking online I’m discovering quite the variety of decorative diffusers. This is only making me want to shop and I think I will purchase one next month. Outside of candles and diffusors I do use room sprays on occasion and have 2 plug ins. I don’t want you to think over “scent” my house, I just like to have a variety of scent sources and use them at leisure when I want to. Do what works best for your house especially if you have young children.

My last home element is comfort. I believe in having comfortable furniture rather than just show pieces. I think that’s where the dual element comes in of having something pretty but functional. This may change when I get a larger home and have multiple rooms but for each room in my home is for myself and guests and I want that to be implied when visitors walk in.

I think when having guests over for a day or night event its crucial to have enough spaces to sit. When company visits and they feel as if they don’t fit in your space, it can make them uncomfortable. This is something I’ve learned over time so my chairs have changed to allow for comfort or extended amount of sitting. I have also changed our outdoor chairs to do the same and can bring them in for additional seating.

I also use pillows for seat cushions if one wishes to sit on the floor when we are playing board games or cards. Game nights are popular as you can tell. If you have space I dream of purchasing those “puff” balls or even making my own.

Available at World Market. Picture linked.
Available at Target. Picture linked. In different varieties.

Now you don’t have to even purchase these you can also purchase oversize pillows and use them as floor cushions.

This pillow is 24×24 and perfect for bedding but a floor cushion. Picture linked and available at TJ Maxx

Now as far as couch it is up to you but consider the amount of seating it provides and also consider the size of your space. I cannot stress enough the importance of furniture size and room ratio. I also like to consider the durability of my furniture fabric as I have animals. You may want to consider the same if you have little ones and well even old children. Messes happen and I consider that even with guests. When thinking of your accent chairs, don’t purchase just because they are cute purchase if they will actually provide function and use to your space. I used to have awful kitchen chairs and what a difference in buying new ones made. Let’s just say people didn’t rush to the couch after the meal was over. Lol

I also like having extra throws available for those who get cold. I have them for overnight guests or just visitors. I personally enjoy having a throw blanket and snuggling on the couch. I will say I have been more intentional as to the styles I buy so it goes with my aesthetic. I don’t want to just buy a blanket because its cute. I have made that mistake and it was useless cause the material was itchy.

Now to tie it all together my “home vibe” essentially reflects my personality. I enjoy company so I think that is naturally felt. I enjoy listening to others and try to create a peaceful environment in my home. I think if I vibe with my own home, others can’t help but vibe with it. If you are personally feeling out of touch with your home, take the time to step back and reflect on what is clashing for you. Even if you have a full house with children and pets do you have a space that reflects you and allows you to be centered? If you don’t create it ASAP! Having a space that is you can do more for the soul than you think. Your home is your sanctuary and you should love going home to it at the end of each day.

If you don’t evaluate clutter, excess, color, noise, scent and comfort. Maybe some of the factors need to be re-situated. Bring the vibe up in your home and I promise you bring up the vibe in your life.

I hope this helped a little and created some thoughts on what your home is giving off.

I want to share this great article by Dana Claudat on 9 ways to Create Good Vibes in Your Home She offers some great insight and you can also check her out on Youtube.

I also want to leave you with a video from Sarah Ashley of Salt House. I love her, the youtube channel, and her entire brand she has built. The video below is how to create a relaxing home. Until next time friends! Let me know your thoughts and tell me what elements you use in your own home to make it you and the right “vibe”.

By Sarah Ashley of Salt House

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