Let your kids room reflect them…

Yayyyy for Friday! How is everyone! I was struggling for a minute trying to think of content that I felt would benefit you all. I asked for some suggestions and a few of you talked about kids rooms and it got me to thinking.

It got me in the way of thinking not just about the décor but why a kids room is so important. Kids are incredibly vulnerable a room feeling like its there is a big deal. When they don’t identify with their room which is their safe space there is a disconnect. I also believe kids need order so having storage items allows for them to stay organized and less frazzled when looking for something of their own. Comfort is also key. Yes kids like cute but they also love comfortable. The more comfortable and happy their space is the less they will spend invading yours. You are comfort and a piece of that should be given in their room.

I will always remember my first room as a kid. I will remember it because at one point I didn’t have a room. Before going to the foster care at 6 I slept on the floor in a studio apartment. Having a room with a bed honestly meant everything to me, and it didn’t have to just be my room. I just wanted to be in a room and have a bed. lol

When I did get my first room it was pink and floral. I mean it was very pink. And even after moving and being adopted it remained pink and floral. Don’t get me wrong I was grateful, but pink has never been my jam. Also every piece in that room my mom picked out. Even as I got older she would get me new items but never included me. My room was pink until I was may be 13? My mom (adopted) didn’t really believe in giving me a choice in styling my room. It wasn’t until I had a friend over for a project and my mom asked me what she thought of my room. Of course my mom was proud of it and thought my friend would be too. As you may be guessing that’s not exactly how it went. My friend told me that my room was “old fashioned.” It didn’t strike a chord with me but for did with my mom. She prided on staying updated, and when she asked me for the first time how I felt about my room I was stunned! I told her I didn’t like it and she actually let me pick new furniture. I bought my own “bed in a bag” and made a framed collage of pictures. Most importantly it was purged of pink lol.

I say all this say that a child’s room should be reflective of who they are. You should ask them for their opinion. You might be surprised. Obviously you can’t ask them maybe 5 and under but I think including them after that age in subtle choices in an environment that they spend so much time is good. I think it helps developmentally to make choices and there’s a sense of confidence boost that takes place.

When it comes to room color I don’t really like doing the standard “gendered” colors for boys blue and girls pink. I actually want to have multiple sprinkles of different colors with neutrals being the base. I’m not opposed to “more masculine” colors like green and blue in a girls room. That’s just me. I don’t like how we start predestining our kids the moment they arrive. Let them be them don’t try to predestine them for things or to things. Even as they grow older and you want them to be a engineer but they like art instead. Embrace it. Don’t change who they are as it is so harmful when they don’t feel excepted for who they are and what they love. This starts at a much earlier age then you think. Your son not wanting to go to football because they rather have cooking classes. It’s ok if your daughter doesn’t want to do ballet but rather soccer. I think of these things when we look at kids rooms because we unknowingly and unintentionally fill them with thing we think our kids should like or be. And that’s so unfair.

I think asking your kids about their room choices is good, and sometimes that includes boundaries. Especially as they are younger, but as they are older I think the peramimeters change. I believe them feeling at home in their space is just as crucial as you feel in most of your home. You design in the way you like and they should have a little piece of ownership in that as far as there space.

I also believe its great to get multi functioning pieces. So those cribs that will turn in to toddler beds and more. Check out this 5 in 1 crib below!

Closeout at Wayfair (picture linked)

I believe a piece like this you can at least get many years out of it until the little one is in middle school and a whole other life transition begins to happen for them.

I also love things with storage for children. I don’t expect them to be organized, but if they can hide and separate the mess that makes a difference. This toddler bed below has built in storage so its also a space saver!

Available at Wayfair (picture linked)

Now you don’t have to get multi use furniture, but I think its cost effective and provides a lot of opportunity, but there are so may stylish choices when it comes to kids furniture.

When people ask me “nursey vibe” its pretty relaxing and neutral. I do absolutely love the baby animal theme and pictures just because they are adorable, but I just want the space to feel relaxing and have all of the necessary pieces. I don’t have a lot of color in my home naturally so I couldn’t tell you what my nursey could look like until that moment. But below a few of my favorite looks. I also believe these transition well into toddler rooms.

I also like trundle beds if your child is one to have friends or cousins over but you don’t necessarily have the space. Bunk beds are also good space savers if you need them. They aren’t my personal favorite but I completely see the benefit in them.

Available at All Modern

I think at kids get into there teens that’s when we transition them to full and queen sized beds. This being a transition period take them with you when shopping. There is such a variety of beds, materials, and colors. This bed will likely take them through their adult.

I think what changes as kids get older is the use of there room. Sometimes there may be the addition of a desk, possibly a lounge chair if friends come over and of course the overall look of the room. As kids get older they acquire more so being creative with storage and organizers is key.

Now I believe desks are crucial for kids but it doesn’t have to be huge. It needs to have enough writing surface, space for a lap top and a small drawer or 2 for them to put school things.

Available at Ikea in different colors

Below are some Pinterest examples of older kids rooms. Take notice to the desks and storage. There are great storage cubes, desk organizers, built in drawer beds and more. Kids in time like a more sophisticated look but ultimately the room needs to reflect them and of course your home aesthetic.

Below are 2 awesome youtube videos of redoing kids and teens room. They also did so on a budget so I wanted to share awesome DIYers, bloggers and designers.

So that’s all I really wanted to share for starters is allowing a kids room to not define them in a box, allow for their input as they get older, and have multi function pieces.

If you all like this topic on kids rooms let me know its something I can revisit and define more! Happy weekend!

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