Wall Collage tips and ideas.

So I’m back to stop by to talk about wall collages. I’ve talked about them before but its been a while and with new followers and visitors I thought I would recap it.

I used to have a wall collage up in my home, but as with everything else I changed up the wall art. I do like wall collages as I think they make great lines of sight and focal areas in your home.

Wall collages can include quite a variety of things, can take on different shapes and include different themes. Its up to you to choose a theme that best defines you and your space.

People often include personal photos of family, some of travel, quotes and more. You can mix in a variety of texture in wall collages as there are no rules. You can add wreaths, letters, textures, different shapes, colors…and well you get the idea.

If you need some visual examples I love how Shutterfly gathered looks of all kinds of wall collages done by others. They are all also sourced so check out this link for some ideas: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/gallery-wall/

To also start with the basic of gallery wall hanging I wanted to share the video below by Gracia Inspired. If you’re not following her on youtube you should. This video below shows the simple trick in to get those collage spaces even and tracing them out with paper to get a visual.

If you are a traditional style lover and like these wall collages here are some patterns you may be interested in.

My personal favorite place to buy frames is Ikea. I like that they have all color frames and I’m ensured to get all the frames I need at all times. They have the matting including and come in different shapes perfect for a wall collage.

Now while I have done wall collages for myself and for others I’ve never worked with a client to format the collage. I listen to their ideas and just make it happen. Recently I helped a friend complete a wall collage above her bed and watching her reactions to different things is what motivated this post.

I think the downfall about wall collages is that there are so many options. It is crucial to lay out all of your pieces. Take pictures of each design pattern you like because you are going to change your mind several times. Limit your options down to 2 and make the selection. If you create too many final options the chances of you actually completing and hanging the collage are slim.

I want to say that when it comes to wall collages sometimes less is more. You don’t necessarily need a lot of pieces to make a statement or to make a collage. Now if you want more that’s fine too, but I have found that after working my friend she found her self overwhelmed when looking at all the incorporated pieces on the floor.

Above you can see how great my friends wall came out. We wanted to play with textures, shapes and varying sizes.

Tips to being successful are:

  • Measure the space you want to cover
  • Trace out your frames and other hanging decor
  • Measure the space between wall hangings
  • Level everything or the things that need to be
  • Keep in mind where your wall hooks are on the frames as it will change the spacing of your layout
  • Painters tape is your friend

So that’s it I hope that gives you something to think about. Leaving behind one more great tutorial by Melanie Ham.

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