DIY marble desk

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute! I’ve been busy with just the everyday life and the “9-5” but I had to stop by and check in. Today I want to share a quick DIY I did in my guest room.

I decided to rearrange my guest room in order to transform it in to a home office and guest room. I find that my kitchen table just isn’t cutting it as far as productivity so I needed to make some changes. I also did not want to have to make any additional purchases but use what I had so that’s where the DIY comes in to place.

Guest room before.

Now I recently redid my guest room as you can see above. However I needed to repurpose that you see lining the wall.

While I loved the storage this provided rearranged this table away from the wall forced me to declutter again and get rid of some bins and condense others. Since I had so much paint and stain left from other projects I decided to redo this desk so it blended more with the room and lightened the space up.

This project took all of 2 hours and included:

  1. Sanding the desk. After you are done sanding make sure you wipe the desk down with a wet towel to get up the dust.
  2. Follow the sanding by priming your desk. I decided to paint my desk so it was important to prime so the new color could stick. The prime dries fairly quickly. Typically within 30 minutes.
  3. I chose to paint my desk with white chalk paint as I had some already left over from another DIY. Chalk paint is pretty thick so I only had to do one coat.
  4. After the paint dried I placed the contact paper on the top of the desk and lower shelf. I used the grid lines on the back of the contact paper to be even. Then its just peal and stick! That’s it!
Love it!

I hope this quick DIY gives you some ideas and inspires you! Have a wonderful night friends!

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