Home Office Organization

Hey everyone! I’m back and with a blog idea that was requested from you so I hope its helpful!

Home office organization can sometimes be tricky. And typically its only tricky if you its a shared space or not a official office limiting the use and functions. For us we have a home office in the guest room and it’s so important to me that it feels more like a room then a office as its a small space. So I will talk about a variety of ways to fill your office needs cause this is not a one size fits all.

  1. Organize the paperwork
  2. Clear the clutter. Decide what no longer serves a purpose.
  3. Determine you style of organization (file cabinet, desk organizers, etc.)
  4. Decide on desk space and utilization. What’s the primary function of your office?
  5. Maximize your wall space!
  6. Can you benefit from a bookcase or storage/office unit? And does your space allow for it?
  7. Create a space you need that functions and add style that sparks creativity and peace.

I have found home offices to be used for the following purposes:

-Carry over from day job or student work. Meaning you most likely just need a desk or table that is clean in order for you to work. That could be using the computer, reading, or writing. Along with the possibility of a small desk organizer. You may be using this area if you are a student or continuing your education as a working adult. Your main goal with a home office is somewhere you can work away from clutter and distractions. You don’t need a large area just a clean flat surface possibly for your computer/laptop, a few sheets or paper and possibly a book or two.

-Personal business. Meaning maybe you are a business owner or entrepreneur who sells product, promotes lifestyle coaching or offer a service of some sorts. You are most like to need a place to file your receipts for those business tax breaks, or keep those contracts you have formed with vendors, or even just client files. Now I understand you may do some of this on the computer but lets be honest you may not run home to scan your receipts to your software. So for the time being wouldn’t it be awesome to have all of that organized for when you need to pull vital information. I don however promote having these forms on some type of cloud drive as you may be away from the “office” and need information.

-Traditional home office. This typically means you are the store keeper and organizer of bills, medical records, important documents for kids and school, etc. You need a clean surface and safe file space for keeping these items.

Shop this look at Pottery Barn. Picture linked.

Organize the paperwork!

For me a office priority in maintaining the organization is maintaining the paper. There’s always so much paper collection even as a society of going “paperless”. If we are paperless why am I constantly collecting? So the first thing I would suggest is categorizing your paperwork. Scan those documents that don’t really need to remain in paper form.

  1. Categorize your paperwork
  2. Toss old manuals and things you have no use for
  3. File away what you need to keep and use a organizer
  4. Scan to computer what you need
  5. Shred what’s not needed
A must watch!

Now for me I don’t like visually seeing clutter. I like to hide it…ok I’m just kidding. I do however not want to see my files out. I prefer that they are in a cabinet. Or in a container where I don’t see the stacks of paper and sorts.

Now if you don’t have a official desk like myself you can get a file cabinet similar to this. I like that this can easily be maneuvered throughout the room and also does not take up a lot of room. This is available at Hayneedle and picture is linked.
If you wish to have a larger file cabinet this an alternative. Also see the varying sizes so you may store other home office items in it. Depending on the function and use of your office, other drawers can be used for school supplies, crafts and more. Picture linked to Hayneedle.
Which option suits your needs?

Now maybe you are completely opposite of me and don’t want to open a bunch of drawers or cabinets to get to what you need. That’s totally fine because you office may function differently. If you like easily accessibility then I say organizers, bins and labels are your best friend.

Take notice to the labeling on the files and how they are easily accessible.
Available at Wayfair. Picture linked.
I really love this clipboard idea for decor!

I think desk options in a home office are that of two different ones. You can either get a whole large desk set/unit or a stand alone desk. I believe stand alone desk are less space invasive but it truly is dependent upon your needs.

Desk type & Usage

Check out how Target defines desk usage and sort per your needs. Picture linked.
This desk provides storage, shelving and space. Perfect for a high use and mutli-functional office. Available at Joss & Main in different colors (Picture linked)
Available at Ikea. Picture linked. Perfect for small spaces and minimal storage needs.
Talk about a space saver! Available at Walmart. Picture linked.

Maximize your Wall Space

Now lets say you already have a desk and simply need to more storage space than your desk provides. Well first declutter, but an idea is to maximize your wall space with some shelving and storage units.

You can choose to use boxes, open bins, or stack and sort your shelves. Label things for ease of use. I believe the dollar tree has great affordable organizers. Check out the video below to see how “Do it on a dime Kathryne helped a client sort through her small office space and organize. I also encourage you to check out her Youtube channel.

Now maybe you have more some left over space in the office and fit a book shelf or some type of unit. This can greatly help you stay organized. Units allow for all uses, personal home, kids supplies, crafting, projects and more. Look at how “Iheartorganizing” styled and organized her home office unit.

Picture linked to her gorgeous blog article on how she made this happen!!

Another idea is you can utilize organization or office space with a closet. You may potentially have a office in a space with a closet that you could split with dual purpose if you declutter and reorganize. You may have a guest room with a closet that doesn’t really serve any purpose and can completely turn that in to a home office and storage space. Sometimes it requires one to get crafty in small spaces…so think strategically.

Now last but not least what about a space that you haven’t been using in any kind of function whatsoever and now you want a home office. Well let me share some inspiration from my friend Katherine and how she turned her guest room into a functional simple office. A space where she can create, but also a space that can provide other functions down the road.

If you are looking to further your home organization outside of your office check out Beverly’s Home Organizing for tips you can use in your home, car and daily work life.

Great organizational blog filled with tips and tricks!

Well I think that’s all of my home organization tips. I’m also not entirely sure I’ve provided tips or things for you think about in how to go about organizing your office. I hope that the blogs and videos I’ve shared of others are helpful to you! Let me know down in the comments below and show these home organizers some love on their channel and sites! Until next time friends!

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