Transforming a classroom space.

Hey friends! So for most of us the school year has started or is soon to start. I had the priviledge to start on project that combined both of my passions and that’s assisting students and décor.

If you don’t know by now I currently work in HigherEd but before was working in high schools providing group counseling and life skill curriculum to students. It was very rewarding and one of my favorite jobs.

My friends DJ at a school counselor asked if I could decorate a converted high school classroom in to a wellness center. Say no more! I’m in because I know these students all to well and shared some of the very work DJ continues to do today.

I cannot stress enough how tough some kids out there have it. When you think you’re having a bad day I promise you that these studets will give you a new perspective! As the school year starts and if you have kids or interact with them regularly I encourage you to speak all the wisdom you have, in to their lives. While they may not use it at that moment, they will remember it later. Also don’t be too hard on them when they don’t make the best decisions, put yourself in their place. Remember everyone has a story as to why they behave the way they do and how they became who they are.

Now to the classroom. This will have a follow up blog as I’ve only been able to touch one corner of this classroom. I call this the conseling corner where students will engage in small group sessions, but most likely one on one discussion. Below is the before…


And for the after…still missing the coffee table. It’s coming, along with a few minor details to be added.


So I will start by saying I chose to play with a mix of traditional and teen comfort. I did not want the space to feel too clinical on the counseling rhelm and didn’t want it to be so casual that students confused the meaning of the space.

To start I choose to warm the walls up with printed butcher paper. I purchased this from Lakeshore but you can also purchase on amazon.

Linked to Amazon

Now maybe you’re wondering how I got inspired to use this butcher paper. Well for one I have visited lakeshore many times and have seen the printed paper but I also knew I wanted to create a homey classroom feel. So I visited none other than Pinterest. Now my resources and budget was somewhat limited but these pictures below are the ones that inspired me the most. Keep in mind I still have a whole other half of the classroom to complete.

I chose a scenic photo to keep the space calm, yet visually interesting. I purchased the canvas at Ross. I will be placing something besides the picture or closing off the dead speace in some kind of way. The picture is mounted on to a window if you are wondering.

Next I choose to create this cool corner structure. It basically consists of clear glass ornaments hung at different levels. I created these to give the corner texture and dimension. I purchase the ornaments at Hobby Lobby and used thread to hang them, while mounting them with paper clips.

Next you see the blue chairs which were already purchased but they make great office chairs and I found similar ones on Hayneedle.

Picture linked

I found the gray dorm like chair at target and accented it with pillows I found at 5 and Below.

Available at Target

If you’re wondering about the tapestry on the wall its from 5 and Below and was $5! I’m pretty happy with that find and getting creative. I was inspired to hang this rug as wall art from fellow instagrammers I admire. The wall basket with vines hanging out was clearance at Michaels. The little side table was another five dollar find and the plant is from ross. The coffee table coming in will complete this corner. I will show the final look later in the week as I go back to this classroom on Thursday with lots of other goodies.

I hope you enjoyed this quick sneak peek. Making a corner of a space pop can be done on a budget and really can pack a punch. I will check in with all of you later! Enjoy the remaining hours of this weekend as it slowly winds down.

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